Sullyoon from NMIXX became the new female MC for "Show! Music Core"

Sullyoon from NMIXX became the new female MC for “Show! Music Core”

The MBC show’s next female MC on “Show! Music Core!” has been chosen as Sullyoon from NMIXX, and her presentation will start on March 25.

NMIXX’s member Sullyoon has got chosen as the show’s permanent MC. Following Minju’s departure, Jungwoo from NCT  &  Lee Knows from Stray Kids helm the “Music Core” group.

Following Minju’s departure, Jungwoo from NCT  &  Lee Know from Stray Kids take the helm of the “Music Core” group.

Sullyoon will serve as the special MC on April 25 and get a taste of being the “Music Core” MC before she officially joins.

She will be coming in for former IZ*ONE member Kim Min Ju, who bid farewell to the show in January of this year. The NMIXX star will work alongside the current male MCs, Lee Know of Stray Kids and Jungwoo of NCT.

This weekend, on March 25, Sullyoon will appear as a special MC on “Show! Music Core” to hone her skills before becoming the leading female MC.

NMIXX’s Sullyoon
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Also, NMIXX most recently published their first mini album ‘expérgo,’ and will have several revival stages this weekend for their current mixed-genre title hit, Love Me Like This.”

Experigo means to awaken in Latin. The producers of NMIXX have finally seen the value in utilizing the girl group’s unmatched vocal prowess, which is also apparent in this album.

It’s most noticeable on the title track, “Love Me Like This,” where the female group switches up the high-octane harmonies of their previous singles for more nuanced rhetoric that isn’t too far from the early material of Little Mix.

‘Love Me Like This,’ the title track of NMIXX's mini album, ‘expérgo’
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In the pre-chorus, Sullyoon says, “Show me your way,” with the depth of her voice taking center stage as bandmates Lily and Bae’s more striking tones give it an added push.

It’s lovely to hear NMIXX, who have some of the most distinctive vocals in fourth-generation K-pop, finally collaborating on “Love Me Like This.”

It’s the group’s most coherent title tune to date, blending soulful R&B vocals with upbeat dance-pop, but the repeated hook falls short of the standards set by the lead-up. Yet, strong ad-libs break up the choruses and give the song some vitality despite its essential simplicity.

The K-pop group released expérgo” on March 20. NMIXX published a music video for the song “Young, Dumb, Stupid” off their upcoming album “expérgo” before it was officially released. The album also has the tracks “My Goodness,”  “Just Done It,”  “PAXXWORD,” and “HOME.”

NIMIXX released their first mini album 'expergo'
Source: Twitter

Sullyoon recently gave a moving rendition of IU’s “Through The Night”

The 2017’s single “Through The Night” by IU was covered by Sullyoon of  NMIXX on Begin Again Open Mic.

The K-pop artist performed “Through The Night” in front of a small live crowd on March 13 evening, and footage of the performance got shared on JTBC’s live music YouTube series Begin Again Open Mic. 

The NMIXX vocalist appeared at the event alongside bandmate Lily, who covered the songs “Symphony” by  Zara Larsson and Clean Bandit acoustically in a video last week.

Sullyoon’s cover of the IU song stays close to the original, accompanied by simple piano and guitar instrumentals.

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