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Dark Desire Season 3- The Release Date, the Cast, the Plot, and Trailer

Dark Desire Season 3: Dark Desire is a Mexican drama and thriller series for Netflix. The Mexican romantic thriller starts with a simple premise. What would happen if a law professor had an affair with the sexy student he tutors? After a dozen love triangles, a murder, and a fake death, getting excited about a relationship seems a little strange.

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Seasons 1 – 2 

Oscuro Deseo, also known as Dark Desire, is the story of a woman named Alma. Alma is married to Leonardo. The couple has a teenage daughter. One day Alma goes to visit her close friend Brenda for a weekend. She suspects that Leo is not having an affair with her secretary. Brenda explains what stops her from having fun while Leo does what he wants. She advises her best friend to do the same when she sees him doing it with someone else.

In the evening they have fun at the disco. There Alma meets Daro, who is already 25 years old. At first, she shows signs of hesitation. But the night does not end without the couple becoming sexually active. The fact that she has sex with another man is a direct consequence of her resentment towards Leo for betraying her. This is just a lousy excuse for the first time. When she discovered that her husband had never cheated on her, everything went wrong for her.

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The very first episode of the series sets a suspenseful tone. In the very first scene, Alma is arrested by the police. We now learn the reason for her arrest. The whole drama started about six weeks ago. The build-up gives the impression of intrigue. When Alma cheats on her husband, Alma’s brother-in-law asks her, “How are you?” She scolds him and says that if her husband can do it, why can’t she? Just because she is a woman? She has to act like a perfect woman, and there must be no hope in her life. After a few episodes, the narrative becomes monotonous and uninteresting. The slow pace leads to a lack of patience. There is so much sexual activity that it is difficult to follow the story.

Season 2:

The second season of Dark Desire was released on Netflix on 2 February and caused a sensation worldwide. This erotic drama satisfactorily concludes after fifteen episodes, each lasting almost forty minutes, and focuses on the loose ends. The series’ plot revolves around the doomed lovers Alma and Darrion and their vicious ways of manipulating lust and betrayal. The second season’s plot picks up exactly where it left off in the first. Alma, who has been through a lot lately, is living with her parents and trying to get her life back on track.

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Alma cannot shake the feeling that Darrio is always there, and thoughts of Darrio dominate her dreams. She decides to go to a counseling session with other women, where she meets a mysterious middle-aged woman named Lys, who brings her secret to the session. Darrio uses his recent inheritance to return to Mexico and marry Julieta, the woman he has loved all his life.

But it is not long before the new romance between him and Alma turns their world upside down. The second season, like the first, does not skimp on showing a considerable number of sexual scenes and leaves little to the viewer’s imagination. As Alma seeks revenge, the involvement of the police is an essential part of the story. Alma has carefully prepared the trap into which the dishonest Darrio falls.

Season 3 

Netflix has renewed the series for a second season and announced that it would be the last season for the show. There will be no third season. The second season pretty much ended everything on a high note. So there is no need for a third season. Season two ended with Alma getting Dario to confess to killing his wife, Julieta. The plan was not easy, but with Esteban’s help and a sodium pentothal injection, Dario revealed his most profound and darkest secret.

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Q: Is Dark Desire Spanish or Mexican? 

A: Dark Desire is a Mexican thriller drama on Netflix.

Q: Is Dark Desire rated R? 

A: Its rating is TV-MA

Q: What language do they speak in Dark Desire? 

A: The show is in Spanish

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