Miley Cyrus dropped her 8th Studio album, "Endless Summer Vacations"

Miley Cyrus dropped her 8th Studio album, “Endless Summer Vacations”

On March 10, Miley Cyrus released her eighth album, Endless Summer Vacation, a new song called River and its accompanying music video.

According to Cyrus, Endless Summer Vacation is a love letter to Los Angeles and reflects her newfound confidence due to putting her mental and physical health first. The new record, made available in a few nations, is already number one on iTunes in 45 countries, including Australia, New Zealand,  the UK, and India.

Several artists have received praise for having the chameleon-like ability to change their image and sound without losing their artistic individuality across the decades of pop music.

But in a very 21st-century way, Miley Cyrus has incorporated shapeshifting into her brand. She is the epitome of a contemporary pop singer, utilizing a time when listeners choose varied Spotify playlists over more conventional (and typically more musical style) radio playlists.

Endless Summer Vacation, Miley Cyrus’ eighth studio album, has just been released, and the singer is partying.

A unique streaming session of Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions) began streaming on Disney+ Hotstar concurrently with the YouTube releases of River and Endless Summer Vacation.

During the live webcast, Cyrus performed several brand-new songs, including the multi-Platinum hit The Climb and the smash hit Flowers.

Flowers is the first song on the Endless Summer Vacation tracklist, while the last song is a demo of the well-known tune. The new album contains ten songs, including Rose Colored Lenses,  Jaded, Muddy Feet (containing Sia), and Thousand Miles (with Brandi Carlile). The perfect music for taking retribution is Flowers.

The Disney+ documentary also includes a conversation with Cyrus and a Rufus Wainwright performance.

Miley Cyrus released her album Endless Summmer Vacation
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The song River, on the album is an upbeat pop song with lyrics that liken her spouse to a river. The music video, shot in black and white, features Miley Cyrus singing on stage while wearing a halter-neck costume and high heels.

Cyrus, 30, already gave fans a sneak peek of the song. Disney+ posted a video to Instagram on March 8 that Cyrus used to explain the song’s origins. “At the time, I was going through a lot individually and emotionally. My tunes all develop over time.”

Flowers is the first song on the Endless Summer Vacation tracklist, which is the perfect song for taking retribution, whereas Jaded is a heartbreaking breakup song.

On the third song on the album, Rose Colored Glasses, which is about donning rose-colored lenses to stay in love forever, the line “Endless Summer Vacation” is repeated numerous times.

Before the album’s release, Cyrus explained that the album is split into two sequences, AM and PM, each of which stands for an act. “To me, “The AM” stands for the morning, when there is a spark and a vigor.”  The singer said, “At night, it appears to have a sleek griminess, a sort of filth but an elegance at the same time.”

A Disney+ subscription is required to see Cyrus’ exclusive new performances of the brand-new Endless Summer Vacation songs. The Disney+ Basic subscription costs $7.99 monthly, while the Premium plan costs $10.99 monthly (no ads).

While Verizon customers may get Disney+ for free for up to six months with various Verizon Unlimited bundles and the Disney+ On Us deal, Disney+ does not presently provide a free trial.

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