All about the Greatest Shark Movies Available on Amazon Prime

Although no one wants even to consider the potential of seeing a shark when swimming in the sea or ocean, many of us have no qualms with viewing movies about sharks and their presumably minor assaults. Sadly, most of these films are not positive, and the spectator is often subjected to violent scenes and disappointing conclusions. This list contains the top shark movies currently available to view on Amazon Prime.

The Table of Contents displays Jaws (1975)

Jaws is undoubtedly the most fantastic, famous, and adored shark film ever. It is an adventure movie about a vicious shark terrorizing a Cape Cod beach town. Brody, Quint, and Cooper, the local sheriff, a marine scientist, and an elderly sailor, will have to attempt to catch the beast that poses a danger to the citizens of their town.

Reasons why you should watch: This film holds a spot on the list of the most influential films of all time, mainly as a result of the excellent direction of Steven Spielberg and the magnificent performances of Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss. It has a terrific plot, is exciting and suspenseful, and has impressive visual effects, which makes sense when we consider that it was shot in 1975.

Poison Shark (2017)

This film, a blend of several genres, leads us to the coast of Puerto Rico and its singles resort in the tropics. Due to the toxicity levels in the water and the strange disappearance of workers, the situation could be better. It becomes apparent that a sick and venomous shark poses a menace to everyone in the resort.

Why you should watch it: This is an excellent Saturday afternoon film with a decent cast and an easy-to-follow plot. This action-horror film is brutal and gruesome, but you could find it amusing if you don’t mind these situations.

Galapagos is the Land of Enormous Sharks (2012)

This is an instructive movie about researchers and scientists going to Darin Island to study shark migration and conduct shark tracking. Tracking devices must be attached to study them, which is often more challenging than expected owing to currents and shark behavior in general.

Reasons you should watch: This is an engaging and well-shot documentary on the Galapagos shale sharks. It provides an insightful look at these intriguing species. Because of the perilous diving circumstances, this is the most incredible method to observe and learn about these creatures.

Six-Headed Shark Assault (2018)

The film takes place on the lonely island of Isla Corazon, located off the coast of Mexico. The ostensibly idyllic location becomes a nightmare as a six-headed shark attacks and kills guests individually. The last issue is who is responsible for this terrible machine.

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Reasons you should watch: This is one of those films you return for no apparent reason. Nonetheless, if you like shark films, you may find it hilarious and entertaining. It is formulaic and lacks novelty, but don’t be shocked if you keep returning for more.

Shark! (1969) (1969)

Burt Reynolds portrays a gunrunner who loses his package near a tiny Sudanese seaside village. A local lady employs him to plunder a sunken ship in a shark-infested area. He feels this is the only way to compensate for his losses, but he has no idea what awaits him there.

Why you should see it: This is a fine film, but Burt Reynolds fans will likely be disappointed. Nonetheless, if you are a fan of shark films and do not compare it to his previous works, you may find them intriguing and like them.

Virus Shark (2021)

The planet is endangered by a new virus transmitted via shark bites. A group of researchers is deep under the water, anxiously searching for a treatment for this sickness. Nevertheless, the most significant difficulty emerges when some of them get sick and must escape to the surface before they are all murdered by themselves.

Why you should watch it: Despite this being a terrible film, this one fact may make it intriguing to watch. They want to see it and compare it to previous shark films that may be too great, and you may find it so ludicrous and amusing that you end up enjoying it.

Sharknado (2013) 

Southern California is in grave danger due to a frightening storm off the coast of Mexico. It “awakened” a swarm of sharks, who are now moving north and endangering the inhabitants of these communities. Finley “Fin” Shepard travels to Beverly Hills to warn his estranged wife, April, and teenage daughter, Candice. He undertakes this risky trek with his companions to survive and escape these bizarre animals.

Why you should see it: Sharknado has become a classic among shark films, often mentioned when the subject is brought up. Because of the negative aspects, it is so remembered. If you want to have an excellent time without thinking and, most importantly, if you love shark films, you may find it entertaining.

Jaws 2 (1978) 

This narrative takes place four years after the horrific shark attack on Amity Island, which will never be forgotten. When the beast is slain, the people and tourists of Amity Island live in peace. Yet after establishing a new Holiday Inn, beachgoers are again disappearing, and Brody, who saw the first assaults, fears that history may be repeating itself.

Do not compare it to the masterwork of Steven Spielberg. And even if you don’t do it, you will likely like it since it’s okay. It is exciting to see what Brody and his family and friends are doing four years after the accident, and the plot is once again rather captivating.

The Last Sharknado: It’s Time! (2018)

Following a succession of shark attacks in several sequels of Sharknado, Fin Shepard, the seasoned shark hunter, faces a new challenge. There is Sharkzilla, an unanticipated time traveler, and a crucial rescue operation. They must travel back to the first Sharknado and rewrite history to rescue themselves and the planet.

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Reasons you should watch: I have low hopes for this film. It recognizes its shortcomings and does not attempt to be more than it is. It is entertaining, humorous, and illogical, but if you are a fan of the series, you must also see this film.

Open Water (2003)

This is a horror drama thriller about Susan and David, a couple on vacation in the Caribbean who decide to spend the day scuba diving. Yet, the day could not have gone any worse. A miscount on the boat leaves them stranded and alone in the ocean, where a school of sharks will soon begin to circle them and pose a danger.

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