Coco Jones made her ICU debut on The Jennifer Hudson Show

Coco Jones made her ICU debut on The Jennifer Hudson Show

On Wednesday (March 22), Coco Jones joined the former American Idol contestant on the couch, giving viewers of the Jennifer Hudson Show a double-take.

Jones remembered the beginning of her musical career and cited CeCe Winans and Aretha Franklin as two of her biggest inspirations.

On a Wednesday visit on The Jennifer Hudson Show on March 22, the 25-year-old singer and Bel-Air actress discussed feeling misunderstood in the business, getting misidentified for Jennifer Hudson, and loving being single.

“I get that so frequently now,” Jones retorted, ” I just play into it.” Then she jokingly started singing the first few notes of Hudson’s fantastic performance of the Dreamgirls’ song “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.”

Hudson said she experienced the same confusion and even mentioned the possibility of Jones playing her in a biopic.

The talk show presenter afterward said that she understood the comparison remarks. People frequently ask, “Who should play you, in your opinion? She said, “Stop kidding with me,” to which the “ICU” hitmaker replied, “Your name continues to come up; I can see that. I’m ready at this moment.”

You know how influential you have been in my life, so I take it as such a compliment,” Jones added. “I just enjoy looking at you, you stunning dark-skinned woman, rule.  That is what drives me.”

Coco Jones appeared at The Jennifer Hudson Show
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Jones is starring in  Bel-Air, the Peacock original series, which got recently renewed for a third season, before her probable involvement in a Hudson biography.

While Coco Jones isn’t getting a lot of attention as Hilary Banks on “Bel-Air,” the popular Peacock remake of the legendary Will Smith-led comedy “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” she’s allegedly making waves by having music fans do a double-take at her resemblance to EGOT-winning talk show presenter Jennifer Hudson.

Following the touching conversation, Coco took the stage for the live television premiere performance of her widely acclaimed single, “ICU.”

Coco Jones has recently emerged as one of the top up-and-coming artists in R&B. She initially joined Def Jam in the spring of last year, and in November 2022, she released her first EP, “What I Didn’t Tell You.” The hit song “ICU” was the project’s driving force. As a result, the deluxe edition—featuring four new songs—later came in January.

Jones played “ICU” on The Jennifer Hudson Talk Show, which helped the song’s momentum grow. Moreover, Jones’ performance of this song on TV was making its debut. Fans also appreciated how similar Jones and Hudson looked to one another. Thus her performance was held on Wednesday.

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