Henry Cavill's Superman recasting process started in 2018 by Toby

Henry Cavill’s Superman recasting process started in 2018 by Toby

As Henry Cavill is no longer Superman, his replacement process started in 2018 by Toby Emmerich, former chairman of Warner Bros.

Things went wrong when Black Adam contemplated the DCU’s prospects for a new course. Black Adam won’t be a franchise because of its subpar box office results. A relaunch appears to be in the works since DC Studios is overseen by newly appointed Co-CEO James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Henry Cavill's Superman & Rock's Black Adam
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One of the effects of 2022 was Cavill’s brief return as Superman in the DC Universe after his appearance in Black Adam. It was a more than a dramatic journey to bring Cavill back in the Man of Steel role.

It has been further fueled by a new Variety story that states that Tobey Emmerich, the previous chairman of Warner Bros., has desired a new Superman since 2018.

According to the trade, Emmerich reportedly wanted someone other than Cavill to wear the recognizable red and blue tights. At the time of publication, neither Emmerich nor anybody from Warner Bros. Discovery had commented on the report.

Who will be the next DCU’s Superman?

Although Henry Cavill may have finished playing the superhero character in the DC Extended Universe, the last son of Krypton still has a lot of live-action and animated adventures in store.

Gunn said he is writing a new film based on the DC icon after Cavill’s confirmation that his run as Superman in the DC Universe is over.

The focus of Gunn’s film will be a younger Clark Kent; it won’t be an origin tale for Superman, but rather a period in his life. At this time, it is unknown if Gunn will serve as the reboot’s director or if there will be a different director.

Henry Cavill plays Superman
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The CW’s Arrowverse drama Superman & Lois, which will return for a third season, is still available on tiny screens. According to a recent announcement from the network, Gotham Knights will air immediately after Superman & Lois on Tuesday, March 14.

Given the uncertain future of the Arrowverse on The CW, it’s unknown if this will be Superman & Lois’ last season. Michael B. Jordan is creating a Val-Zod series for HBO Max, which he will produce, albeit little specifics have recently come to light.

Although writers have been chosen for the project, it is yet to be discovered if Jordan would appear in the series should it be picked up by the platform. Val-Zod would concentrate on a different interpretation of Superman from a different universe.

Henry Cavil portrayed the role of Superman
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An animated show called My Adventures with Superman has been given a two-season extension. My Adventures of Superman is anticipated to air on Cartoon Network and HBO Max at an unspecified time.

A Black Superman movie is also developing and is still moving forward despite Gunn’s DC Universe project. The film, which Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote the screenplay for, is being executive produced by J.J. Abrams; the director has yet to be chosen.

Time will tell what transpires with the other ideas, given that  James Gunn’s Superman movie is now in production.

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