Is Call the Midwife star Lucille leaving? Why was Lucille in trouble?

Is Call the Midwife star Lucille leaving? Why was Lucille in trouble?

Call the Midwife, a BBC drama series’ 12th season, debuted last week, and Sister Veronica, a new sister, joined Nonnatus House (acted by Rebecca Jennings).

In the same episode, Lucille Robinson ( played by Leonie Elliott) became concerned after hearing the Rivers of Blood speech by Enoch Powell over the radio. Being away from her family in Jamaica was difficult enough for her. That merely added to her sense of isolation.

Why is Nurse Lucille Robinson leaving Call the Midwife?

Among other sources, hello Magazine and Call the Midwife Fandom claimed that Lucille was still actively participating in the show. Leonie Elliot played the part of the actor.

She didn’t make any official remarks about ending the series. She left without telling anyone, not even the Call the Midwife personnel.

But in 2022, 12 actresses left the program. As a result, 12 actresses could be mistaken for Lucille by viewers. From 2007 to 2023, Leonie Elliot performed the role of Lucille Robinson.

Throughout the 11-year run of the BBC drama, every character in Call the Midwife has encountered difficulties. However, in the most recent season of the program, Lucille’s problems are taking center stage.

She is not herself, as her close friends and family have noted, and her usually upbeat attitude is missing. She used to feel fulfilled by her career, but it has become a burden she can’t handle.

Lucille from Call the Midwife
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“She is declining increasingly,” Nurse Crane informs Mrs. Wallace.

And since she can’t see through the fog that has covered every area of her life, she spends her leisure time curled up in bed with the curtains drawn.

Lucille is at her breaking point due to Cyril and Lucille’s inability to conceive, her desire to visit her family in Jamaica, the adverse environment fostered by people like Enoch Powell, and more. She strolls by herself and pauses for a minute on the edge of the sidewalk, staring somberly into the approaching traffic that she briefly thinks of throwing herself into the street.

It’s a terrifying situation, which leads her to ask Dr. Patrick Turner for assistance. He evaluates her symptoms and tells her that she is experiencing a nervous breakdown, for which rest is the best cure, which is precisely what she intends to do.

Cyrill Robinson & Nurse Lucille Robinson
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However, Lucille won’t be relaxing in Poplar. Cyril used their savings to buy a plane ticket. Thus she is now traveling to Jamaica. As soon as he breaks the news to her, her eyes brighten, and a rare smile spreads across her face as she tenderly kisses her hubby’s cheek in appreciation.

Naturally, some viewers will be left wondering if Lucille will return to London.

There’s a good chance she’ll return with a fresh perspective on life in a few weeks or months. While the path to recovery will take some time, a change of environment is just what the doctor ordered, and Lucille is moving in the right way. She might decide to stay, however, as she may not want to part with her sister and the rest of her family once more.

Where Is Lucille?

Everyone wants to discover Lucille’s origins. Lucille Robinson has established herself as a vital member of the Nonnatus House team and gained a second family who loves and cherishes her in the English capital. They have a strained relationship, but it’s one of the most endearing aspects of the program, and Cyril sees his future in England.

The agony Lucille experiences from being absent from her sister, in particular, is proving too hard to take, making her future uncertain. However, her heart stays in the Caribbean.

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