Blockbuster series canceled by Netflix after the first season.

Blockbuster series canceled by Netflix after the first season.

Blockbuster comedy series will not come with a second season as Netflix canceled the show after streaming the first season, EW confirmed the news. Vanessa Ramos is the executive producer, creator, and showrunner of the American workplace comedy television series Blockbuster. Randall Park plays Timmy, the manager of a fictitious Grandville, Michigan location of the final Blockbuster Video in the Blockbuster-themed television series. On November 3, 2022, the Netflix original series made its debut.

The show, which starred Melissa Fumero as Timmy’s friend and coworker Eliza and Randall Park as the store manager, never made it into Netflix’s weekly Top 10 in the United States.

Timmy’s home video sanctuary was destroyed by a riot brought on by a storm as the season came to a close. Timmy wasn’t ready to hear it because his tiny business was at stake when Eliza was prepared to tell him about her romantic emotions for him.

Creator Vanessa Ramos said to Entertainment Weekly previously that she was waiting to determine what would happen to Timmy, Eliza, and the rest of the Blockbuster gang before planning what would happen to them.

Why did Netflix cancel the Blockbuster series?

The choice is hardly unexpected. After premiering on November 3, the single-camera office comedy starring Randall Park had a modest run and never made it into the weekly Top 10 on Netflix. Comedy shows are already at a disadvantage because their episodes are only roughly half as long as their drama/dramedy equivalents (because Netflix utilizes hours viewed as a rating criterion).

Irony abounds in Netflix’s decision to pick up the series because the company started as a video rental upstart that almost got destroyed by dominant juggernaut Blockbuster Video before turning the tables and driving the latter out of existence.

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Park, Tyler Alvarez, Melissa Fumero, Madeleine Arthur, JB Smoove, Olga Merediz, and Kamaia Fairburn appeared in Blockbuster, which was created by, written by, and served as executive producer and showrunner for Vanessa Ramos. Timmy Yoon (Park), a dreamer of analog living in a 5G future, was the main character. Timmy and his staff members, including his longtime crush Eliza (Fumero), a battle to stay relevant after realizing they are running the only Blockbuster Video in America.

The executive producers David Caspe and Jackie Clarke wrote it in addition to Ramos, and John Fox and John Davis served as EPs for Davis Entertainment. The production company for the Show was Universal Television, a unit of Universal Studio Group.

Netflix has experienced success in comedy with programs like Cobra Kai, The Upshaws, Never Have I Ever, and Emily in Paris. However, most of its biggest hits have been dramas and limited series. That 90s Show, the On My Block spinoff Freeridge, Rob Lowe’s Unstable, Michelle Buteau’s Survival of the Thickest, The Vince Staples Show, and season three of Girls5eva, which transferred from Peacock to Netflix, are among the upcoming half-hour offerings.

Blockbuster Season 1 Recap (a glimpse of the first five episodes)

Episode 1, ‘Pilot,’ directed by Payman Benz

Timmy Yoon prepares for his store to serve as the final Blockbuster location in the world after learning from his boss that the corporate is filing for bankruptcy. Timmy organizes a block party for the strip mall the store is in with the aid of Eliza and Percy. When Carlos, a store employee, records the situation when a balloon explodes due to a firework error, the store gains viral notoriety. Timmy has had a thing for Eliza since high school, and Percy and Carlos get him to tell her about it.

Episode 2, ‘Blockbuster Daddy,’ directed by Payman Benz

Timmy seeks assistance from Percy after learning that he must fire someone to keep the store open. Hearing her daughters’ latest rock record makes Eliza feel like a bad mother. Carlos makes an effort to erect a unique shelf in honor of the late Hollywood Harold, a well-known local figure. Timmy and Percy interview the staff to identify the employee who doesn’t require the job. Timmy resolves to terminate Hannah, but Kayla—who didn’t enjoy working at the store—leaves when he struggles with the decision. Percy then sneakily informs Timmy that he will cover Kayla’s wages so that he may spend more time with his daughter.

3rd Episode ‘Evan & Trevin,’ directed by Aleysa Young

Eliza, Timmy, and Percy plot revenge against a pair of teenage pranksters on Halloween, which brings screams and scheming. Kayla and Connie start an investigation. Carlos is furious that Timmy hired a fresh intern to take over the duties Carlos has performed throughout the past years.

Timmy’s attempt to trick the twins in retaliation fails when he tumbles through the skylight. To get the twins penalized and win the prank war, Eliza tells the twins’ mother that the twins shattered the skylight, saving the day. They kiss after Carlos realizes the intern was trying to flirt with him by competing with him, but later, Carlos realizes they cannot be reconciled. Timmy learns Percy is attempting to evict.

Episode 4, ‘The Itsy Bitsy,’ directed by Aleysa Young

Timmy changes a lot more with Connie’s support after learning that he has been nominated for a small company award with a cash reward of $5000. Eliza disagrees and believes that Timmy is losing his true self due to the shift.

In the meantime, Carlos persuades a frugal Hannah to indulge herself by convincing her to visit a nail salon. Carlos lets down to learn that Hannah chose that store because she already had a gift certificate and had no intention of making a real-money purchase. Finally, Percy admits to Kayla that he is envious of Timmy because he received a nomination while he did not. Timmy loses his chance to compete when the decorations at the party he planned to wow the judges catch fire.

Episode 5, ‘King of Queens,’ directed by Katie Locke O’Brien

Timmy looks to Percy and Kayla for support as he breaks up with his crush and starts dating. Eliza makes overt attempts to persuade her husband to accompany her on a date to a brand-new French eatery. Carlos is relieved to learn that his ex-wife got married, nevertheless.

Following Carlos’ declaration that he lacks a type, Connie and Hannah attempt to determine what Carlos’ style is. Timmy declines Rene’s invitation to trivia night at the outset. However, he becomes envious and accepts Rene’s invitation when he sees that Eliza is heading to the French restaurant on a date with her husband. To disrupt trivia night, Percy persuades Kayla to message every one of Timmy’s victories.

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