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Top 10 Chick Flicks

Top 10 Chick Flicks: Women only like one style of the movie, which is insulting, and crazy women watch more movies in theaters than men. Some movies are better when added with more women or no less than wine in a glass and all the girls in a group text. These movies focus on women’s articles, giving female celebrities hope to appear on top and allowing great actresses to share juicy scenes. Here are some of the best chick flicks

1) when harry met sally

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Is it possible for men and women to be friends? Questions may be out of date, but Rob Reiner’s and Nora Ephron’s New York, a fairytale about two best friends, slowly falling in Love, is funny and romantic. The story involves the title characters from when they meet in Chicago just before sharing a cross-country drive and the past twelve years of chance encounters in New York City.

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The stars of this movie are Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal, Bruno Kirby, and Carrie Fisher. Rob Reiner directs it. This movie’s estimated budget is around $16,000,000.

2) Moonstruck

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When Nicolas Cage played the role of a sensitive baker, Cher could play a down-to-earth widow who thinks romance is dead. They are great in Norman Jewison’s emotionally increased comedy about Italian families loving and existing in Brooklyn. If this movie does not replace your faith in Love, you need to break out of it. The stars of this movie are Nicolas Cage, Cher, Danny Aiello, Olympia Dukakis, and Vincent Gardenia. This movie’s budget is $15,000,000.

3) Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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A paranormal Audrey Hepburn performance, peak Givenchy fashions, and the most extraordinary party scenes ever filmed make this classic as tasty as a freshly baked cake eaten outside a robin’s egg-blue window. The stars of this movie are Audrey Hepburn, Patricia Neal, Mickey Rooney, Buddy Ebsen, George Peppard, and Martin Balsam. Blake Edwards directs this movie. This movie’s budget is $2,500,000.

4) How Stella got her groove back

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The actual-life romance that created it may have gone sour, but who wants facts when this film brings the ultimate Vacation fantasy? Angela Bassett is excellent as always as the workaholic single mom who takes a chance on Love with an exciting gorgeous younger man throughout a scenic Montego Bay getaway. The stars of this movie are Taye Diggs, Angela Bassett, Regina King, and Whoopi Goldberg. Kevin directed it. This movie’s estimated budget is around $20,000,000.

5) Dirty dancing

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Nobody puts their baby in a corner, and no one is more fun to see than Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze learning to discover each other’s rhythms in a sexy dance-centric ode. The movie stars are Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze, Cynthia Rhodes, and Jerry Orbach. Emile directs it. This movie’s estimated budget is around $6,000,000.

6) Pretty Woman

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But not likely, the story of Cinderella still works like a charm, mainly to Julia Roberts’ performance as a clever Prostitute who finds Love in her condition with a wealthy client. The movie stars of this movie are Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Garry Marshall directs it. This movie’s estimated budget is around $14,000,000.

7) The wedding singer

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Even Adam Sandler’s haters have a soft mark for this sugar-sweet 80s homage, featuring a brilliant Drew Barrymore, an unforgettable Billy Idol cameo, and a story twisted to laughter by secret script doctor Carrie fisher. The movie stars are Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler, and Christine Taylor. Frank Coraci directs it. This movie’s estimated budget is around $18,000,000.

8) Love and Basketball

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Sports can be romantic, as shown in Love and basketball. The chemistry between Monica Wright and Quincy Mccall is unforgettable. This film became a classic, rightly, as it gets everything right about a childhood crush that turns into never-ending Love. The stars of this movie are Dennis Haysbert, Omar Epps, Alfre Woodard, and Sanaa Lathan. Gina Prince- Bythewood directs it. This movie’s estimated budget is around $20,000,000.

9) Notting Hill

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A list of American actresses falls for an ordinary Englishman in this charming comic fantasy about friendship, Love, and pre-social media fame. The movie stars are Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Emma Chambers, James Dreyfus, and Rhys Ifans. Roger Michell directs it. This movie estimated budget is around $ 42,000,000.

10) Miss Congeniality

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Sandra Bullock gives her most lovably silly performance as Grace Hart, an awkward FBI agent undercover as a beauty pageant contestant to investigate a bomb threat. The stars of this movie are Michael Caine, William Shatner, Benjamin Bratt, William Shatner, and Candice Bergen. Donald Petrie directs it. This movie’s estimated budget is around $45,000,000.


Q: What does chick flick mean?

A.A Chick flick means a picture intended to appeal primarily to women.

Q: What is the highest-rated chick flick?

A.Pretty woman, the notebook, dirty dancing, love Titanic and Notting Hill are the highest-rated chick flicks.

Q: What is the most loved movie in girls’ collections ever?

A.According to Greta, the bling ring and bottoms up, twenty-seven dresses are the best girl collection movie ever.

Q: Is princess diaries a chick flick?

A.If you have been itching with the desire to become a princess, look no further for your girl’s night chick flick selection than the princess diaries, starring brand new actress Anne

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