'Halazia,' Ateez's new MV, has reached 14.2 M views in 21 hours

‘Halazia,’ Ateez’s new MV, has reached 14.2 M views in 21 hours

ATEEZ wants “Halazia” to Start a New Legacy, and the music video surpassed Guerrilla to achieve 14.2 M views in 21 hours & 32 minutes.

With the release of their brand-new album, Spin-Off: From the Witness,  Ateez, the South Korean powerhouse, has finally made a comeback. Halazia, the album’s lead track, and its corresponding music video take center stage. The group has been providing enigmatic teases about their ongoing fictional narrative for weeks before the publication.

“Halazia,” co-written by members Hongjoong and Mingi with producers Ollounder,  Eden, and Maddox, fuses dubstep, drum, and bass, electro-pop, dancehall, and trap music while highlighting the vocals and rap verses. To escape a system that seeks to obliterate who they are, ATEEZ continues to spread its message of freedom. As they implore, the words are like a prayer to a higher force (Halazia).

Watch the official music video below.

The eight members of ATEEZ, who are underground anarchists and carrying on the heritage of HALATEEZ: the leaders before them, continue the continuous revolution tale in the song video. That is signified by a scarecrow wearing the masked costume of HALATEEZ, the center point around which the rebellion gathers. According to clues and fan theories presented by the group, HALATEEZ were heroes of a bygone era. At the same time, a new incarnation of ATEEZ prepares to take over, a manifestation that might be known as Halazia. As the scarecrow burns and falls, the ‘new’ embodiment of ATEEZ stands before it, ready to make its move and spark a new legacy.

The World Ep.1: Movement, ATEEZ’s eighth EP, was released in July. It is followed by Spin-Off: From The Witness. Most of 2022 were spent on the road for ATEEZ’s “The Fellowship: Break The Wall Tour,” promoting the album. The European leg of the tour will start in February 2023.

NEWS Sofia-Sayson published this eleven hours ago. Ateez scores a personal best for first-day sales of “SPIN-OFF: FROM THE WITNESS” with AKP STAFF.

They made a comeback on December 30, KST, with the release of their debut single album, “SPIN-OFF: FROM THE WITNESS,” and the music video for the lead single, “HALAZIA.”

The boy group’s most recent album, “SPIN-OFF: FROM THE WITNESS,” landed at number one on the Hanteo list.

The South Korean boy group’s most recent album sold 353,483 copies on its first day of publication.

With this, ATEEZ surpassed their previous high for first-day sales on Hanteo. The previous record holder was their ninth mini-album, “THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT,” which sold over 270,000 copies on its first day of availability.

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