The Last of Us fans are worried by the Episode 7 trailer

The Last of Us fans are worried by the Episode 7 trailer

The Last of Us fans are concerned about Joel’s death by the new trailer of episode seven, which was released on Feb 19.

The Last of Us’s sixth episode, titled “Kin,” debuted Sunday night and made viewers cry again, proving them wrong. Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie( played by Bella Ramsey) nearly part ways, which shatters Ellie’s heart. Joel also manages to reunite with his brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna). And in the very closing seconds of the show, one of the characters suffers a severe injury, which doesn’t bode well for him.

The Storyline of The Last of Us, episode 6

They set out for a university in Colorado where the Fireflies should be when Joel decides he won’t be leaving Ellie in Tommy’s care after all. But, when they arrive, everything appears empty, save a few monkeys from one of the science labs.

They try to leave unnoticed when they see a group of men walking outside as they inspect one of the buildings. When that fails, one of them attempts to harm Joel. Joel manages to fend off the man, killing him in the process, but during the struggle, he gets stabbed with the man’s broken baseball bat’s jagged end. Although Joel is not in excellent form, he and Ellie escape before the other men catch up.

The episode ends with Joel’s future uncertain, and it appears he might already be dead. Ellie is scared and unsure of what to do because he is bleeding out and white in the face.

In The Last of Us, is Joel passed away?

Sadly, the episode 7 promo for The Last of Us, titled “Left Behind,” does not reveal Joel’s destiny. He doesn’t even show up in the preview. Instead, the episode goes back to before Ellie meets Joel and introduces Riley, a new character. The significance of their relationship will be apparent to game fans. Storm Reid, who starred in Euphoria, plays Riley.

Joel & Ellie in The Last of Us, titled "Left Behind,"
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Without giving away too many game spoilers for The Last of Us, we don’t have any solid evidence that Joel is dead. Of course, the storyline could be dramatically altered for the TV version, but we don’t anticipate that to happen. As a result, Joel will probably make a comeback in a later episode.

The Last of Us may air an episode next week without Joel, which will be strange to watch. Don’t miss “Left Behind,” Episode 7, when it debuts on HBO and HBO Max on February 26, Sunday.

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