Is Young Thug gay

Is Young Thug gay? The rapper addresses sexuality rumors.

An in-depth interview gives Atlanta rapper Young Thug the opportunity to address allegations that “he’s gay.” The rap artist has been forthright about his sexual orientation. Young Thug has finally commented on the rumors circulating about his sexuality after his followers have repeatedly asserted that he is gay. In spite of this, the rapper, who is 28 years old, discussed his sexual orientation in an interview. During an interview with Big Boy, Young Thug stated, “People say, ‘gay,’ but nia,” the rapper continues before pausing for a considerable amount of time.

Thugger then admits that he’s had significantly more sexual encounters with women than most heterosexual men. The rapper known as “Hot” continues. “So it’s like it’s already a mistake for people to condemn me if they assume I’m gay,” she said. I’m the most heterosexual dude in the world and despise other men. He added, “What the hell are you talking about?

Is Young Thug gay

I won’t even have a threesome if there isn’t a n*a in it.” The rapper, who is 28 years old, disclosed that numerous people have assumed that he has been “gay” for a number of years. When Thug appeared wearing a dress on the cover of his Jeffery project in 2016, rumors about the rapper’s sexuality began to circulate more widely. Despite this, he has been linked in the public eye, on and off, with his girlfriend Jerrika Karlae for a number of years at this point.

During the course of the interview, Thug disclosed that he is of the opinion that Lil Wayne is too pampered to enjoy him. Thugger provides an explanation for this behavior by saying, “I think it’s because he just been with Birdman his whole life, and he’s just so spoiled to the point where it’s like, he’s very spoiled.” Since he was nine years old, he has been a multimillionaire and a superstar in his field. Therefore, he is only familiar with his own method.

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