Who is Dua Lipa dating

Who is Dua Lipa dating? Timeline of Everything We Know.

It looks like Dua Lipa has a new love in her life, but it’s not us. So, Who is Dua Lipa dating right now?
The singer of “Sweetest Pie” was seen getting friendly with Trevor Noah, the host of “The Daily Show.” Noah recently announced that he would leave the late-night show after seven years.

It’s not clear how long Dua and Trevor have known each other, but their date comes almost a year after Dua broke up with Anwar Hadid, the younger brother of Gigi and Bella Hadid. The Sun said at the time that the couple had “thrown out the idea” of ending their relationship because they were “traveling” and “being apart.”

Who is Dua Lipa dating

The most recent rumor about Trevor was that he was dating actress Minka Kelly. Us Weekly confirmed that the two broke up in May 2022. At the time, a source did say that they had “been split up for a while” and that “there is no bad blood between them, and everything is fine.”

So, Dua and Trevor are both single and may be looking to date. Here’s what we know about whether or not Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa are dating.

Trevor Noah did not answer questions about Dua Lipa in an interview on November 21, 2022.

The former host of “The Daily Show” was profiled by “The Hollywood Reporter,” which asked him about his love life. He said some things that were very quiet and vague. Trevor is said to have “leaned back in his chair and laughed” when asked about the news stories that have linked him to Dua Lipa.

“I just can’t believe how powerful tabloids are,” the comedian said. He said that he once went to dinner with a married couple who were his friends. After that, news stories started about a “new woman” in his life. “Then the family calls the husband and says, ‘Oh my God, Trevor is having an affair with your wife,’ and my friend says, ‘I’m in the picture, too,’ and they say, ‘Well, that’s not what the tabloids say,'” Trevor said.

So, that wasn’t an answer. Neither Trevor nor Dua have confirmed that they are dating, but we’re keeping an eye out for more information…

Trevor Noah will be a guest on Dua Lipa’s podcast on October 21, 2022.

We didn’t expect this, but Dua Lipa just released a new episode of her podcast, At Your Service, in which her rumored boyfriend is a guest. The podcast setup made Trevor feel like he was at one of Dua’s music recording sessions. Dua joked, “Are you ready to sing us a song?”

Even though they had only met briefly at award shows before sitting down to record, the two talked in a friendly way and seemed equally interested in what they were saying. So, it’s probably safe to assume that their date happened after the interview was recorded.

“One of the best and worst things about being successful in the entertainment industry is that you get to meet some of the most interesting people in the world, but if you’re successful enough, you never get to see them again. […] So I guess it’s nice to see you this way for a change,” Trevor said.

Who is Dua Lipa dating

Dua talked to the show host about Trevor’s 2016 memoir, “Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood.” They also talked about how they both went to the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final in Kyiv, Ukraine, and where Trevor plans to take his many-sided career next. Dua said, “You are hilarious, but your humor is also very analytical, and I think that’s a big part of why people like you.”

In return, Trevor complimented him, saying, “You’ve always been very nice and kind. You’ve always been a really great light, just like everyone else. So, I appreciate your time. I appreciate you.” You can listen to the podcast here and see how well they get along.

On October 7, 2022: Dua Lipa said she is (or was) single.

Right now, the only thing we know about Dua is that she likes being alone.

The pop singer told Charli XCX on her podcast Dua Lipa: At Your Service, “This is the first year in a long time that I haven’t been in a relationship. It’s been great to be alone and only think about myself. I’ve never really had the chance to do this.” The “Levitating” singer seems to like being single, but the podcast may have been recorded before he saw Trevor Noah.

Dua and Trevor are seen going out together on September 29, 2022.

The Daily Mail got pictures of Dua and Trevor “kissing and hugging on a cozy night out” at New York City’s Jamaican restaurant Miss Lily’s. The news source also says they “have great chemistry” and that the night ended with a “romantic kiss.”

And a source (!!) said they saw their cute date in real life. “They were sitting away from everyone else in a quiet corner of the restaurant,” a person in the know said. “It was clear they liked each other because they sat close to each other at dinner. They left together and walked, stopping to hold each other for long hugs and to kiss each other twice.

Who is Dua Lipa dating

Their lovey-dovey behavior makes it look like “something” might be happening between them, but we may have to wait a while for confirmation. In an interview with British Vogue in January 2021, Dua talked about how she and her ex-boyfriend worked to keep their relationship private.

She said at the time, “It’s a little bit of give and take, trying to find the right balance between being so happy and in love and wanting to share that with the people around me and not wanting to put too much out there.” “I want to be happy in this relationship without worrying about what other people think.”

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