Who is Grace on evil

Who is Grace on evil? Where is she now?

Who is Grace on evil? The third season of ‘Evil’ takes the supernatural investigations that David, Kristen, and Ben are conducting and gives them a new twist by branching the tale into fascinating new areas. While Kristen and Ben look into a local urban legend in the second episode of the season, David is faced with his mission.

After being recruited by Victor LeConte of the Vatican, David is given a perplexing mission that delivers an update on a character who has been absent for a long time. Grace Ling makes a brief but long-awaited appearance in this episode after being absent for a while.

If you saw the episode and need to refresh your memory regarding Grace Ling and her whereabouts, you don’t need to go any further; we’ve got you covered! In the third season of ‘Evil,’ here is everything we know about Grace Ling! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who exactly is this Grace Ling?

In the sixth episode of the first season of ‘Evil,’ titled ‘Let x = 9,’ Grace Ling is presented to the audience for the first time. She proclaims herself to be a prophet of God and makes a number of assertions and forecasts regarding the future of humanity.

The forecasts or prophecies made by Grace are remarkably similar to those written in a five hundred years old codex that describes the demise of the Catholic Church. David, Kristen, and Ben look into Grace’s predictions to determine whether she possesses the ability to see into the future.

Who is Grace on evil

Actress Li Jun Li portrays Grace Ling over the course of the series. Li’s performance as Jenny Wah in the fantasy drama series ‘Wu Assassins’ may be why she is the most well-known for her work. Other notable works she has contributed to include the television series ‘Sex/Life,’ ‘Why Women Kill,’ and ‘Quantico.’

In spite of the fact that his bosses are adamant about disproving Grace’s claims that she is a fake prophet, David concludes that Grace’s abilities are really near the end of the sixth episode. At the end of the story, authorities from Immigration and Customs Enforcement place Grace in detention, and she is threatened with deportation.

Where can I find Grace Ling at this time?

After David discovers that Grace’s prophecies are accurate, he tries to get her to sketch the parts of the codex that are missing. This plan, however, is disrupted by the immigration inspectors, and Grace’s drawings are discarded as a result.

The conclusion of the episode gives a strong impression that Grace has been exiled to China, even if this is not directly mentioned. She makes a cameo appearance in the eleventh episode, which is named “Room 320,” and uses a dream to convey a message to David about a potential danger.

In spite of this, Grace’s whereabouts will not be revealed until the second episode of season 3, titled “The Demon of Memes.” In the episode, David is recruited by the Vatican agent Victor Le Conte for a mission that is not explained.

Who is Grace on evil

In addition, he requests that David keep his affiliation with the Vatican a closely guarded secret. David finds out that his mission is to administer the last rites to a Chinese guy on his deathbed. After David completes the assignment, he returns to the mansion and retrieves a postcard and a message, both of which he then gives to Victor. On the other hand, David has some reservations about the objective of the mission before he hands over the objects.

After some initial reluctance, Victor divulges the information that the materials are necessary for assisting a friend of David’s. Grace Ling is the name of the friend. She is stranded in China, and Victor has dropped indications that her life may be in danger.

Therefore, he must take prompt action and save Grace from unexpected peril. It is unknown, however, if Victor will be successful in his quest, and it is also unknown what part Grace and her prophecies will have in the greater narrative of the show.

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