Blueface denied being the father of Chrisean Rock's upcoming child

Blueface denied being the father of Chrisean Rock’s upcoming child

Blueface claims he is not the father until he sees a DNA test after Chrisean Rock announces she is pregnant. Chrisean and the Jamaican-American rapper’s turmoil relationship now takes an interesting turn.

She claims that Chrisean Rock and Blueface, the most problematic marriage in hip hop, are expecting a child. He still needs to accept the child, though.

The big baby news was revealed on social media by Chrisean, who posted a photo of three at-home pregnancy test strips with the message “Guess how many heartbeats?”

Chrisean Rocks discusses her pregnancy with Blueface, “I’m keeping this baby for me…I want a new beginning.”

Usually, that kind of message makes people feel warm and fuzzy, but Blueface and Chrisean are not typical.

The rapper’s instant response was to declare their breakup, accuse her of having slept with ten other men, and then demand a DNA test before he’ll admit paternity for Chrisean’s child.

Blueface’s response is hardly surprising, given that this pair has experienced numerous domestic abuse.

According to TMZ, one of their most vicious fights spilled over into Hollywood’s streets, where witnesses observed both beating each other repeatedly. After another altercation in a Phoenix bar, the woman was detained for trespassing.

Blueface is the father, Chrisean insists, and as for their breakup, she says he’s simply angry, and they’ll get back together soon. She claims that if not, she will be okay on her own.

Some supporters have posted congrats on social media, while others believe this is only throwing gasoline to the fire of a dangerous, explosive relationship.

Chrisean Rock & Blueface
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Recent Instances Showed the Reality of the Disparaging Relationship Between Blueface & Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock recently left a Blueface interview kicking and screaming after being dragged out against his will.

The latest interview with hip-most hop’s explosive pair aired on No Jumper’s Sharp Tank with Sharp and Gina Views on Thursday night (January 19).

The conversation, which is more like an interrogation, quickly turns tense as Chrisean repeatedly defends herself after taking offense at being called out for her conduct. She is consuming straight Hennessy, which further heightens her feelings of emotion.

After about 30 minutes, she makes a drunken attempt to engage in some physical contact with Blueface, but he pulls her away. They argue off-camera as they both leave the set. A short while later, Blueface returns without Chrisean. She is still yelling in protest. Then he suggests that Chrisean be taken out of the building by security.

Anyway, Our heartiest congratulation to Chrisean for her pregnancy!

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