Pedro Pascal responds to throwback pics of  Buffy with Sarah

Pedro Pascal responds to throwback pics of  Buffy with Sarah

Pedro Pascal is still shocked by Sarah Michelle Gellar’s recent sharing of a flashback image of the two together on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer set.

While at the Los Angeles premiere of The Mandalorian on Tuesday, the actor, who had a one-episode storyline as fellow rookie Eddie in season 4 of the popular supernatural series, learned about Gellar’s Instagram post. He grabbed the opportunity to brag about his generous co-star while he was there correctly.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, he said, “What I just learned makes me happy, and I can’t wait to get my phone back so I can verify for myself, is that Sarah Michelle Gellar recognizes me. “She was such a nice scene partner, and we had the best time,” the actor said. “I remember every second of filming that show, no matter how fleeting it was.”

The interviewer then gave Pascal a collection of images from the episode showing him when he was younger, which he held up to the camera. “The episode is titled “The Freshman,” and this is Eddie. The start of season 4 is now. It was huge news, “he stated.

Pedro Pascal recalls Gellar bringing him some ice cream while filming on the UCLA campus in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

In order to capture one of their nighttime scenes on camera, he even skipped the play’s Long Beach opening night. He said, “I recall everything. “I could continue forever. I could clarify everything for you, step by step.”

Pedro Pascal & Sarah Michelle Gellar
Source: Twitter

In 1999, Sarah and a comparatively unheard-of actor named Pedro Balmaceda co-starred in a Buffy episode.

He briefly appeared as Eddie in the season four episode of Buffy, “The Freshman,” before becoming  Pedro Pascal, the star of The Mandalorian,  Game of Thrones, and The Last of Us.

Sarah posted a picture of herself and Pedro in a moment on Instagram yesterday (February 28), and it’s safe to say that the internet is now utterly fixated.

The image stunned fans of Sarah and Pedro, many of whom commented that they were unaware Pedro had first featured in Buffy.

Pedro Pascal, appeared in an episode of Buffy,
Source: Twitter

Many others also expressed their wish that he had continued to appear in the show because in his season four episode “The Freshman,” he is killed off.

In “The Freshman,” Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is seen coming to UC Sunnydale, where she first finds it challenging to meet people but eventually strikes up a friendship with Eddie.

Eddie is ambushed by a bunch of vampires soon after they first meet, and Buffy is forced to kill him the following day.

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