What happened to Fearless

What happened to Fearless the Youtuber?

The names Fearless and Fea4rLess are likely to be familiar to a significant number of online gamers and YouTube enthusiasts. Because of the Call of Duty and Fortnite video games that he uploads to YouTube, the user known as Fea4rless has become a well-known figure across the website.

The odd part is that no one knows who Fearless is since he has kept himself unknown and has only engaged with people via his videos. He has established tremendous popularity on YouTube, with over three million followers thanks to his films.

However, in May 2020, it was reported that Fearless had passed away. Some stories suggested that the gamer had passed away due to a medical condition known as Ligma. After more investigation, it was found out that Fearless is not dead but may have just taken a short break from posting videos on his YouTube channel for the time being.

Because it had been so long since his last post on YouTube, “My Renegrade Raider,” his followers partially accepted the rumor that he had passed away. His channel, My Renegrade Raider, has been on the platforms for a number of months without a fresh upload from him.

On the other hand, his followers might not have noticed that there is almost always a gap of many months between each of his video uploads; this indicates that he takes his time. Fearless may be already complex at work on a new music video; if so, his audience will have to be patient until he’s finished before they can hear from him again.

In addition, it has been reported that he left a comment on a video with the headline, “I got into a game with Fe4RLess two weeks ago, he hates me… (not clickbait)”. Aside from this, the medical illness he was said to have died of does not exist in medical terms.

Ligma is an abbreviation for the phrase “Lick my nuts,” a joke that went popular on the internet in 2018 and was played as a practical joke. After considering everything, it is reasonable to conclude that Fearless is still operating and has

been absent due to YouTube.

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