what happened to allen lafferty

What happened to Allen Lafferty? His behavior became mysterious.

There is a lot of interest in finding out what happened to Allen Lafferty. He’s still around at age 64, and he’s still very much alive. In the fall of 1984, when Allen Lafferty returned home from his job as a construction worker, he saw what appeared to be a murder scene pulled straight from the depths of hell. His wife, Brenda Lafferty, was found lying in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor, and his baby daughter, Erica, who was 15 months old, was found dead in her crib.

Because those responsible for the heinous crimes had severed the phone lines, he had to dash to a neighbor’s house to get in touch with the authorities. Allen, innocent of the murders but possibly harboring a guilty conscience, went back to the crime scene and prayed next to his wife’s body.

After the police arrived, Allen was taken into custody; however, they quickly determined that he was not to blame for the deaths. Allen led the police to believe that his brother, Ron Lafferty, was the one who committed the murder. Under the Banner of Heaven, a show on Hulu, explores the Lafferty murders and the unfortunate events that inspired them.

Allen is said to have started a new family and continues to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Ron and Dan murdered their wife, as Allen predicted. Ron’s trial’s first witness.

The fact that Ron and Dan showed no remorse for their actions is evidence that they believed the murders to be holy and the will of God. Dan claimed in an interview with Deseret News that Allen never discussed the murders with him:

“At one point, Allen asked my mother why I wouldn’t repent. There are some things for which it is impossible to express regret. I do not doubt that Allen believed I was referring to an inexcusable transgression when I made that statement. What I meant was that you shouldn’t repent for things that don’t violate any moral standards.

After the verdict was handed down in the case, Allen mostly disappeared from public view, unlike his brother Ron, who continued to dominate the news until he died in 2019. It has been stated that he and his partner have begun a new family.

Allen is said to have relocated his family to Los Angeles, where reports have it that he found work in the production industry. In 2015, he uprooted his family and moved to Saratoga Springs, Utah, where he started a new career as a lifestyle coach and motivational speaker.

Allen is still very loyal to the Church of Latter-day Saints and frequently looks to religion for comfort and solace in times of trouble.

If Allen had been more decisive, he might have been able to prevent the murders.

Betty McEntire, Brenda’s sister, said in an interview with Deseret News that “He [Allen] is the one that let her [Brenda] down.” It was his responsibility to look after her on that particular day. It’s tough for me not to think that he was in on anything.”

Allen and Brenda first connected at a Latter-Day Saints student congregation in Provo, Utah. It was revealed to Betty that Brenda had dated numerous guys in the past, but none of them had captivated her the way that Allen had.

Betty shared with Jon Krakauer, the author of Under the Banner of Heaven, her opinion that “Allen is a charmer — all the Lafferty sons have this ability to charm the socks off of you.” “There is a certain expression on their faces. And Brenda fell for it.”

Although Brenda’s family initially approved of Allen, once the couple got married, they started to see a different side of him. Brenda felt tremendous pressure from him to give up her ambitions of having a successful job to stay home and raise their children.

The model of flawlessness The Lafferty family, with Ron’s persuasive leadership at the helm, embarked on the perilous journey toward becoming religious fundamentalists. However, Brenda stopped Allen from joining his brothers, and as a result, she earned herself a handful of enemies who posed a significant threat. Her mother, LaRae Wright, commented as follows:

“Brenda did not back down in the face of those Lafferty guys. She made it quite clear to [Allen] that she did not wish him to participate in any activities with his siblings. And for that, the brothers held her responsible, blaming her for keeping their family divided. Brenda was not liked by the Lafferty brothers because, in their opinion, she was always in their way.

Brenda tried her best but was not always successful in separating Allen from his brothers. Dan shared with Allen the insights he had received from God, which stated that Brenda and Erica needed to be “removed in rapid succession” for an example to be set for them.

Allen has stated that he will protect his family no matter what it takes. However, he did not share the information regarding the murder plot with Brenda. Betty remarked, “if he had told Brenda about Ron’s revelation, she would have been out there in a minute and would still be alive today.” “If he had told Brenda about Ron’s revelation, she would have been out there in a minute.” “However, Brenda was in the dark about the whole incident.”

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