Stephen Dorff, the Blade star, condemns Marvel's superhero films

Stephen Dorff, the Blade star, condemns Marvel’s superhero films

Stephen Dorff has frequently criticized Marvel. The actor got prominence in 2021 after telling The Independent that “Black Widow” looked “like rubbish” and that he was “embarrassed” for its lead, Scarlett Johansson.

Now, Dorff is back with a new tirade on Marvel, thanks to The Daily Beast. The actor, who demonstrated his comic book movie skills in 1998’s “Blade” opposite Wesley Snipes, said he would only want to star in modern comic book movies if they “were a little more like when I initiated when we created “Blade” or the few that had been respectable over the years, like when Nolan did “The Dark Knight” and redefined Batman from Tim Burton.”

For the past few years, Marvel Studios has been working on Phase 5, which will debut with Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania. Their impending Blade revival, one of the most anticipated movies of Phase 5, has reached a crossroads.

MARVEL's Blade comic
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Due to those annoying creative disagreements, Blade’s director got fired before it could even start shooting last year. A PG-13 rating for the revival replaced the original film’s R rating.

One of the original franchise’s stars has publicly stated that he is not a massive supporter of the concept. Stephen Dorff (the lead actor of Blade, True Detective) expressed his displeasure with the revival in a recent interview with Variety, and even Black Adam caught a stray.

All this other garbage is just embarrassing; you know what I mean?” Stephen continued, “I mean, God bless them, they’re making a bunch of money, but their movies luck [Laughs]. And nobody’s going to remember them. Nobody’s remembering ‘Black Adam’ at the end of the day.I didn’t even see that movie; it looked so bad.”

Stephen Dorff , the original 'Blade' star
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In Dorff’s opinion, the future of film lies in up-and-coming young talents like Eddie Alcazar, who directed Dorff in the Sundance entry “Divinity,” and not in “making ‘Black Adam’ and worthless rubbish over and over again.”

Although only some things have gone according to plan, Marvel is working on a fresh adaptation of Blade for its Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although Bassam Tariq, the film’s initial director, left the project two months before it got scheduled to begin production, Mahershala Ali gets connected to the part.

The MCU film “Blade” will be directed by Yann Demange. According to Dorff, there is no chance that the MCU will surpass the Steve Norrington-helmed 1999 original.

Stephen Droff said,” Marvel is used to me trashing them anyway. How’s that PG ‘Blade’ movie going for you, that can’t get a director?[laughs] Because anybody who goes there is going t be laughed at by everyone because we already did and made it the best. There’s no Steve Norrington out there “

Earlier in the interview, Dorff remarked that if mainstream films were fantastic, he would “perform them constantly.” The actor continued, “I’m not going to lose my sleep over it because I wasn’t one of the 50 people in ‘Oppenheimer,'” if one or two roles per year don’t come my way for whatever reason. Even though it seems incredible, unless you play Oppenheimer, I don’t think I’d want to be in that movie [laughs]. Unless it’s a movie, I know, in which case I might appear or act in a scene.

In addition to the Blade movie series, Dorff starred as Richard West in the HBO crime drama series True Detective. Alongside Bruce Willis, he also appeared in movies like The Debt, World Trade Center, and Paradise City.

The action movie American Metal, directed by Nicholas Maggio and starring Ashley Benson,  Kevin Dillon, and John Travolta, is his next release. This year, American Metal is anticipated to make its debut.

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