Top 10 best Snooker Players in the World Right Now

Top 10 best Snooker players in the World Right now:

10)Ronnie O’Sullivan:

Ronald Antonio O’Sullivan is an English professional snooker player born in Wordsley, UK, on December 5, 1975, who is considered to be world number one. He has won World championships five times and six master titles.

Ronnie O'Sullivan

9)Stephen Hendry:

Stephen Gordon Hendry is a Scottish professional snooker player born in Queensferry, UK, on January 13, 1969, who had seven world titles, six masters’ titles, and 5 UK championships. He is known to be the youngest World Champion ever.

Stephen Hendry

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8)Steve Davis:

Steve is an English retired professional snooker player born in London, UK, on August 22, 1957, who won Global titles sic times. He is best known for dominating the business during the 80s when he reached the world snooker championship finals.

Steve Davis

7)Alex Higgins:

Alexander Gordon Higgins was a Northern Irish professional snooker player born in Belfast, UK, on March 18, 1949. He won the World title twice, the UK Championship, and Masters’ titles twice. Alex passed away in 2010 due to his deteriorating health.

Alex Higgins

6)John Higgins:

John is a Scottish professional snooker player born in Wishaw, UK, on May 18, 1975, who had won World Championships four times and UK Championships thrice, along with 2 masters’ titles. He was ranked to be no.6 on the World rankings, making him a significant player in the business.

John Higgins

5)Jimmy White:

James Warren White is an English professional snooker player born in Tooting on May 2 who has won three senior World Titles, The Masters, and the UK Championship.

Jimmy White

4)Mark Selby:

Mark is an English professional snooker player born in Leicester, UK, on June 19, 1983, and is ruling the world of snooker. He has won 2 World Championships, 2 UK Championships, and 3 Masters’ titles.

Mark Selby

3)Joe Davis:

Joseph Davis was an English professional snooker born in Whitwell, UK, on April 15, 1901, and also an English Billiards player. The guy literally was a legend in the snooker world who won the World title for 15 years consecutively. His outstanding career inspired modern-day snooker video games to be what they are today.

Joe Davis

2)Ray Reardon:

Raymond Reardon is a retired Welsh professional snooker player born in the UK on October 8 who won the World championship in 1970 and 5 more worthy titles in his career. With the outstanding snooker performances that Ray had given out to the business, he certainly was a part of the inspiration to the snooker video games after Joe Davis.

Ray Reardon

1)Dennis Taylor:

Dennis is an Irish professional snooker player born in the UK on January 19 who is currently a commentator at the games. He has won the most popular match in World Championship 1985 against Steve Davis. He has also bagged Grand Prix and the Masters’. Taylor was famous for his trademark oversized glasses in the spirit of fash-un.

Dennis Taylor

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