Top 10 Greatest Australian Tennis players of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Australian Tennis players of All Time:

1)Margaret Court:

Margaret Smith Court is a former Australian tennis player born in Albury, Australia, on July 16, 1942. Court has won Grand Slam women’s singles title 24 times, double’s title 19 times, and mixed doubles title 21 times. She is the former World No.1 Champion.

Margaret Court

2)Rod Laver:

Rodney George Laver is a former Australian tennis player born in Rockhampton, Australia, on August 9, 1938. Rod is known to be a legendary player who has a stadium and tennis tournament named after him. He is a multiple titles winner like 11 Grand Slams, 2 French Open titles, 4 Wimbledon Championships, and 2 US Open Triumphs. He is lucky to have made it to the Australian Hall of Fame and International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Rod Laver

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3)Roy Emerson:

Roy Stanley Emerson is a former Australian tennis player born in Blackbutt, Australia, on November 3, 1936. He has won a total of 28 Grand Slam titles, including 12 singles and 16 doubles titles, 6 Australian Triumphs, 2 Wimbledon Trophies, And 2 US Open wins.

Roy made it to the International Tennis Hall of fame in 1982.

Roy Emerson

4)Ken Rosewall:

Kenneth Robert Rosewall is a former Australian tennis player born in Sydney, Australia, on November 2, 1934. Ken belongs to the times before the Open Era when tournaments like Pro-Slams were popularly running that involved prize money. Many professionals back then participated in these tournaments because they were not permitted to compete in the Gram Slams. Ken was a 15-time Pro-Slam winner, 8 times Grand Slam singles winner, and 9 times doubles winner.

Ken Rosewall

5)Evonne Goolagong Cawley:

Evonne is a former Australian tennis player born in Griffith, New South Wales, on July 31, 1951. Popularly known as ‘Gong,’ she was ranked in the top 10 for 9 years who won 4 Australian Open singles, 7 Glam Slams singles, and 13 major titles in total.

She is the second woman after Margaret to have won the Wimbledon as a mother in 1980.

Evonne Goolagong Cawley

6)Frank Sedfman:

Frank Arthur Sedgman is a retired Australian Tennis player born in Victoria, Australia, on October 29. who was Australia’s first Wimbledon champion after the Second World War, bringing in the prosperous golden era of tennis to Australia. He has multiple titles engraved in his name, such as 22 Grand Slams, Wimbledon champion, and Davis Cup in 1951-1952.

Frank Sedfman

7)Ashley Cooper:

Ashley John Cooper was an Australian tennis player born in Melbourne, Australia, on September 15, 1936. He passed away in 2020. Cooper had a prestigious career overall. In the beginning he was the world’s no. 1 amateur player during 1957-58. He bagged 4 singles and 4 doubles at the Grand Slam tournaments. He had also won the Australian Open in 1957, which led to the player’s entry into the Australian Hall of Fame and International tennis Hall of Fame.

Ashley Cooper

8)Norman Brookes:

Sir Norman Everard Brookes was an Australian tennis player born in St. Kilda on November 14, 1877. He passed away in 1968. He’s one of the oldest legends we hear about, who won 3 Grand Slam singles, Wimbledon in 1907 and 1914, and the Australian Championship in 1911. He was fondly nicknamed ‘The Wizard.’

After retirement, Brookes became the president of the Lawn Tennis Association of Australia and had a trophy named after him, ‘Norman Brookes Challenge Cup’ for men’s singles at Australian Opens.

Norman Brookes

9)Neale Fraser:

Neale Andrew Fraser is an Australian tennis player born in Melbourne on October 3, 1933. Fraser had a significant career graph. He won Wimbledon once and the US Opens twice. He was the runner-up for Australian Open thrice and had won the David cup 4 times.

Neale Fraser

10)Lleyton Hewitt:

Lleyton Glynn Hewitt is an Australian tennis player born in Adelaide on February 24, 1981. He was nicknamed ‘Rusty’ by his fellow competitors. Hewitt was the youngest Grand Slam winner at the age of 15 only. The fans used to love him on court and cheer and shout his name out. He won the Wimbledon and the US Open as well, not to forget the Davis Cup winner twice. He made Australia proud.

Lleyton Hewitt

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