Top 10 Best Chess Players in the World

Top 10 Best Chess Players in the World

Top 10 best Chess players in the World:

1)Magnus Carlsen:

SVEN Magnus Carlsen is a Norwegian chess grandmaster born in Norway on November 30, 1990. He is a 5-time World Chess Champion, 5-time World Blitz Chess Champion, and a 3-time World Rapid Chess Champion.

Magnus Carlsen

2)Ding Liren:

Ding is a Chinese Chess grandmaster born in China on October 24, 1992. He is a 3-time Chinese Chess Champion and the highest-rated Chinese chess player in history. He was only 16 when he won the first championship, which made him the youngest ever to achieve this.

Ding Liren

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3)Alireza Firouzja:

Alireza is an Iranian-French chess grandmaster born in Iran on June 18, 2003. He is currently living in France and is a world-class player who ranked over 2700.

Alireza Firouzja

4)Fabiano Caruana:

Fabiano is an Italian-American chess player born in Miami, USA, on July 30, 1992. Caruana became a grandmaster of chess at an early age; he was only 14 when he achieved the title of the youngest grandmaster in the world, at the time.

Fabiano Caruana

5)Richard Rapport:

Richard is a Hungarian chess grandmaster born in Hungary on March 25, 1996. He has won Hungarian Chess Champion 2017 and has bagged several chess titles since he was only 13 yr old.

Richard Rapport

6)Ian Nepomniachtchi:

Ian AlexandrovichNepomniachtchi is a Russian chess grandmaster born in Russia on July 14, 1990. He has won multiple titles like the Russian Superfinal 2010 & 2020, Individual European titles, Tal Memorial in 2016, etc. Nepomniachtchi has a mind-blowing record against various world champions.

Ian Nepomniachtchi

7)Shakhriyar Mamedyarov:

Shakhriyar is an Azerbaijani chess grandmaster born in Azerbaijan on April 12, 1985. Shakhriyar is ranked no. 2 in the world FIDE ratings and is 6th highest of all times.

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov

8)Wesley So:

Wesley is a Filipino-American chess grandmaster born in the Philippines on October 9, 1993. He is the World Fischer Random Chess Champion, a three-time US Chess Champion, and a three-time Philippine Chess Champion. He was only 9yr old when he started participating in the tournaments.

Wesley So

9)Levon Aronian:

Levon Grigori Aronian is an Armenian chess grandmaster born in Armenia on October 6, 1982. He is currently playing for the USA Chess Federation. He is one of the best chess players we have around the world.

Levon Aronian

10)Anish Giri:

Anish Kumar Giri is a Russian-Dutch chess grandmaster born in Petersburg, Russia, on June 28, 1994. He is a 4-time Dutch champion and a brilliant player who is ranked at no. 3 for the world’s best players rating.

Anish Giri

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