Tom Holland starred Spider-Man Ruined the Future of One Iron Man Character

Tom Holland starred Spider-Man Ruined the Future of One Iron Man Character

After Tony Stark’s debut, Spider-Man by Tom Holland played a significant part in his narrative, but he also jeopardized the MCU future of one Iron Man character.

Harley Keener’s future in Iron Man 3 got destroyed by the arrival of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures decided to share Spider-Man, it surprised the MCU in 2015.

With the release of Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland was cast and thrown into the MCU. It was the first of six appearances of Tom Holland in as many years, which helped make Spider-Man one of the MCU’s most prominent and significant characters.

His friendship with Tony Stark played a crucial role in his growth and determining where he fit within the more comprehensive Infinity Saga story.

Tim Holland played Spider-Man
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Throughout Phase 3, the MCU combined the stories of Spider-Man and Iron Man, developing a relationship between Peter Parker and Tony Stark, both mentor-mentee and even father-son.

Because of this narrative choice, Spider-Man and Iron Man were seen together throughout each of their most poignant scenes for four consecutive episodes.

The relationship was frequently brought to light, whether it was Tony giving Peter a new Spider-Man costume, Iron Man lamenting Spider-Man’s demise following Thanos’ snap, or an emotional Peter participating in Avengers: Endgame by Tony Stark. Although the friendship helped Spidey even more, it came at the expense of a well-known MCU character.

Tom Holland will provide the spider Man’s voice in Spider-Man: Freshman Year

The lack of a cast for the Web-Slinger television series is an unexpected facet of Spider-Man: Freshman Year. For the sake of quality and consistency, Tom Holland would be a no-brainer, but the MCU’s casting track record is almost flawless, so we won’t worry about who will voice the eponymous hero. It is only available for the series besides concept drawings.

In actuality, the series has only two confirmed voice actors. Bentley Whitman has cast Paul F. Thompkins, but Charlie Cox’s casting as Daredevil is the most intriguing choice.

In No Way Home, we didn’t get the rooftop encounter between Spider-Man and Man Without Fear that we all desired. We saw Peter and Matt Murdock negotiating legal issues, but we never saw them working together as their alternate selves to bust some hoods.

Cox’s role in the show is a much-appreciated consolation in the interim, pending a potential live-action encounter between the two.

As mentioned earlier, we’ll have to wait to find out who will voice the villains, who will be Spider-opponents Man’s in his first year.

In Iron Man’s MCU story, Peter Parker took Harley Keener’s place

Iron Man 3
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Harley Keener appears to have been replaced by Peter Parker in the MCU. In Iron Man 3, Harley Keener first appeared as a young, fatherless child who loved science and Iron Man. Iron Man’s choice to provide Tony with a new lab hinted at the possibility of Harley and Tony’s friendship developing further.

The movie made a point of cementing their bond. The plan raised rumors that Harley Kenner may take on the role of Iron Lad in the MCU, but it also raised hopes that he would continue to play a significant role in Tony’s future. Instead, Spider-Man received Harley Keener’s future from Marvel Studios.

Tony Stark's funeral in Avengers: End Game
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Since Iron Man and Spider-Man are great friends in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man effectively destroyed Harley Kenner’s chance to be a part of Tony’s life. Due to his friendship with Tony Stark, Peter effectively became Iron Man Jr., preventing Harley from becoming Iron Lad.

Avengers: End Game
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He even acquired the Iron Spider outfit to establish himself as Tony Stark’s MCU counterpart. Harley Keener should have taken up this part to make up for his Iron Man 3 appearance. The MCU fails to depict their ongoing communication; he only made a brief appearance in Avengers: Endgame during Tony’s burial.

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