Tori Kelly released the song "Missing U," & MV will come today at 12pm ET

Tori Kelly released the song “Missing U,” & MV will come today at 12pm ET

Having signed with Epic Records,  Grammy-winning singer (two times) Tori Kelly will release her most recent single, “Missin U,” on March 17, Friday, followed by an album. She is under SB Projects management.

Tori Kelly is no stranger to the intense desire for new music, given that she is one of the most well-known vocalists of her time.

The GRAMMY-winning songbird acknowledged this state of affairs in the final months of 2022 before making a surprise announcement about her next musical offering earlier this year. However, with four years separating music fans from her traditional studio album, their high anticipation turned into impatience.

In addition to Tori’s long-awaited return to R&B, the March 8 announcement of “Missin U” also heralds the start of a more gritty period, as suggested by the once-blonde diva’s dark locks.

Go inside to hear “Missin U” in its entirety before the release of its official music video on Friday, March 17, at 11 a.m.

Although Kelly hasn’t said it, the upcoming song might serve as the album’s lead single. After the 2020 release of A Tori Kelly Christmas, Kelly still needs to put out an album. Before that, she released the singles Hidden Place in 2018, Unbreakable Smile in 2015, and Inspired by Real Events in 2019.

Tori Kelly will release her new track, Missin U."
Source: Twitter

The singer-songwriter posted a video to Instagram that included clips from performances, earlier red-carpet outings, and more. The video also showcases Kelly’s brand-new musical phase, starting with the song “Will you ever think about me?” She later posted a countdown on her Instagram Stories, indicating that she would either release a single or make an announcement on March 7.

In addition, Kelly teased this new phase of her music career in a few cryptic tweets. She shared a couple of samples of what might be her upcoming single. Because she has yet to post much online, Tori Kelly has also retweeted admirers who have been asking about her music and location.

Andrea Bocelli’s most recent endeavour, The Journey: A Music Special,  features him singing in some of Italy’s most stunning locations. Tori Kelly, a 30-year-old Grammy winner, goes along with him on one song in particular.

The 64-year-old Italian singer performed the 1984′ song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen alongside Kelly,  which was uploaded to Instagram to promote the music special.

As Kelly sings the first verse in English and Bocelli sings the second in Italian, their voices harmonise beautifully on the song’s famous chorus.

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