Jonathan Majors had a photoshoot with Ebony Magazine in Feb

Jonathan Majors had a photoshoot with Ebony Magazine in Feb

Ebony Magazine features Creed III and the Ant-Man: the Wasp: Quantimania star Jonathan Majors, along with BTS, for their February 2023 cover.

No matter how repetitive, unimportant, or significant a chore in life is for actor Jonathan Majors, he completes it with awe and reverence. Majors claims that his way of moving through the world is “[with] a sense of occasion.”

He’s talking about his little, deliberate actions, like entering a photo shoot, taking a seat for an interview, or playing the obnoxious antagonist Kang the Conqueror in the upcoming Avengers movies. Marvel Studios will keep Majors busy with the forthcoming three Avengers movies alive through 2026.

Jonathan Majors continues to create the foundation for the recently established Sidney Poitier Initiative when he is not dashing across red carpets or reading scripts for his upcoming project (SPI).

Majors shocked the late actor’s family with the news of the curriculum, which is a collaboration with the Gotham Film & Media Institute, last December.

According to Majors, co-founder of the Black List with Franklin Leonard, “The major aim of SPI is to ameliorate the problems our namesake encountered in making his move to Hollywood.” Majors has started rallying several influential figures in Hollywood to support the organization.

Jonathan Majors got featured on the Ebony Magazine's February Cover
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A few weeks later, shortly after starting a new year, Majors spoke with EBONY about parenthood, faith, and the legacy of Black cinema.

The Yale School of Drama alum is playing the long game as he strolls around the set of his EBONY cover photo. When you first meet the Emmy-nominated actor, you immediately stand taller to match his powerful 6-foot presence.

However, the smooth R&B playlist Jonathan has chosen for the studio shows that he has a romantic soul. Majors shouts, “Turn it up!” when Jay-Z’s song “Bam” featuring Damian Marley comes on the speakers. Other songs like Brandy & Daniel Caesar’s “Love Again” and D’Angelo’s “Lady” float through the air. He is at ease and at ease with who he is.

Jonathan Majors is donning a Sewit Sium necklace, L’Enchanteur rings, and an Oji Royale Durag. Keith Major took the pictures for EBONY Media.

EBONY: “Supreme Swagger Meets Romance” served as the concept for your EBONY cover shoot. When did you realize you had confidence?”

Jonathan Majors: “I frequently heard that I lacked swagger. I was told that I wasn’t cool [laughs]. I have to be an independent person to live. I had to have faith in my methods. And that, you know, is what swagger is. It’s the utmost confidence in one’s abilities and way of thinking. Additionally, it requires humility because you can’t swagger in the wrong place. After all, it isn’t swaggy.”

The Harder They Fall’s Nat Love comes to mind because of how much swag my director, Jeymes Samuel, possessed, which reminds me of Nat Love. The word “swag” makes me think of Hov—Jay-Z. I’d never consider myself. However, I move through the world with a distinct sense of confidence. There is no concern about being observed. And I believe that when I put in more effort, the arts started to help me,” he added.

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