Ed Sheeran reveals his new album "- (Subtract)," coming on May 5

Ed Sheeran reveals his new album “- (Subtract),” coming on May 5

On March 1, Ed Sheeran announced on social media that his new album, “- (Subtract),”  would be released on May 5 via Atlantic Records.

The Minus album will conclude Sheeran’s decade-long mathematical album era, including the albums + in 2011, x in 2014, y in 2017, and = in 2021.

"- (Subtract)," the new album by  Ed Sheeran
Source: Twitter

Sheeran wrote to his followers to share the news of the arrival of (Subtract), an acoustic album produced by Aaron Dessner and written against “a background of grief and hope.”

The album was widely anticipated as the capstone to his “mathematical phase,” which started in 2011 with + (Plus) and included the albums x (Multiply), (Division), and =. (Equals).

But when the celebrity was “spiraling into dread, melancholy, and anxiety” in February last year, the film was reworked over a week of intense emotions.

It happened after Edwards, who gave Sheeran his big break, unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack after using cocaine and alcohol, according to a coroner.

Soon, Sheeran got accused of copying his popular song Shape of You, leading to a three-week copyright trial.

Even though he ultimately prevailed, the singer and Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol stated the case had put “extreme pressure” on them.

Sheeran utilized songwriting to “make sense” of his feelings and get through those events.

“When working on Minus, I spent a decade creating the ideal acoustic album, writing and recording hundreds of songs with a clear vision of what I thought it should be. Then, at the beginning of 2022, several things happened that altered my life, my mental health, and ultimately how I perceived music and art,” Sheeran said in his announcement of the new album.

Ed  Sheeran's decade-long mathematical albums
Source: Twitter

After learning that his wife had a tumor and knowing that his buddy Jamal Edwards had passed away suddenly at 31, Ed Sheeran claims he “spiraled” into sadness last year.

Cherry Seaborn, the star’s childhood girlfriend he married in 2019, was diagnosed with a tumor while carrying their second child.

He said there was “no path to treatment until following the birth.

The star wrote in a handwritten note shared on social media that the tragic consequences of those events “affected my life, my mental health, and eventually the way I regarded music.”

He, therefore, abandoned “hundreds” of the tracks he had created for his planned sixth album.

Complete tracklists of the album “- (Subtract),” by Ed Sheeran

The album, which follows the one-off track F64, which was a visceral reaction to Jamal Edward’s passing, is scheduled for release on May 5.

The final tracklist, unveiled on March 1 morning, does not include that song.

The album consists of 14 tracks.

  • “Boat”
  • “Salt Water”
  • “Eyes Closed”
  • “Life Goes On”
  • “Dusty”
  • “End Of Youth”
  • “Colourblind”
  • “Curtains”
  • “Borderline”
  • “Spark”
  • “Vega”
  • “Sycamore”
  • “No Strings”
  • “The Hills of Aberfeldy”

Sheeran, whose songs ” Thinking Out Loud” & “Shape of You”  are among the most streamed songs of all time, became one of Britain’s biggest music stars due to his quantitative quint ology.

Unlike his earlier albums, the cover art for Subtract shows a corroding heart rather than the mathematical symbol that serves as the album’s title.

The celebrity also shared a mysterious Instagram video that switched between footage of what appeared to be a child’s birthday party and his song titles scratched into the coastline of a windy beach.

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