50 Cent said Eminem has a greater influence on hip-hop than Jay-Z

50 Cent said Eminem has a greater influence on hip-hop than Jay-Z

50 Cent calls Jamal Crawford’s assertion that JAY-Z has had a greater influence on hip-hop than Eminem “bullshit” and disagrees that JAY-Z has.

Jamal Crawford, a former NBA player, was a guest on an edition of a new podcast by Shaquille O’Neal, titled,‘ The Big Podcast ‘ that aired back on January 12. The issue of Hip-hop was brought up during the discussion when Crawford compared his top five NBA players and hip-hop musicians, mentioning the cultural influence of Jay-Z and Eminem as an example.

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At 43:15 minutes of the conversation, Crawford noted, “My five, the domination transcends the number” (below). “The game can’t be changed to reflect that someone who has more points than you is superior. That is not it. Jay-Z has influenced Hip-hop more than Eminem will ever have album sales. It just happens that way.”

Through an Instagram blog, 50 Cent learned about the discussion on Sunday (Jan. 22) and decided to participate by leaving a comment.

He added the phrase “Ha bullshit” and an emoji of a sneeze.

Since Shady signed him in the early 2000s, American rapper 50 Cent has been a steadfast member of Team Eminem. Fif disclosed earlier this month that he is developing an 8 Mile TV show.

That is not the first time that 50 has stood up for Eminem’s honor in the face of Hov. When it became known that Eminem wouldn’t perform at the Jigga-curated Super Bowl halftime show in 2022 without 50, he called Jay-Z out in April last year.

Eminem’s record sales are noteworthy. When Slim Shady outperformed every other artist on the Recording Industry Association of America’s certification (RIAA Certification) list in March last year, he created history.

The self-described “rap deity” had amassed 227.5 million career sales, which comprised 61.5 million certified albums and 166 million certified singles.

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2000’s The Marshall Mathers LP, 2002’s The Eminem Show, and 2004’s Curtain Call: The Hits have all earned him three or more diamond albums, making him one of just seven artists of any age or genre to do so

He is one of only seven artists of any genre or age to have three or more diamond albums because of the releases of The Marshall Mathers LP in 2000, The Eminem Show in 2002, and Curtain Call: The Hits in 2004.

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JAY-Z’s discography is equally impressive. “Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life,” his critically acclaimed third album, and his partnership with Kanye West on “Watch The Throne” are both 5x platinum. “The Blueprint 2 and Life,“Times of S. Carter,” and “Vol. 3… The Black Album” are all triple-platinum albums.

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