Why did Tommie Lee curse Chris Brown and his child backstage?

Why did Tommie Lee curse Chris Brown and his child backstage?

 Tommie Lee and  Ammika Harris reportedly got into a fight backstage at Chris Brown’s show on Tuesday (February 21).

Tommie Lee and Natalie Nunn, two reality stars who have become well-known for their bold personalities, have been arguing on social media. The two on the Zeus network will shortly square up in the ring. Videos of their social media shenanigans show them yelling and attacking each other bodily.

Amidst this, Natalie Nunn alleged that Tommie Lee had humiliated Chris Brown, his son, and the infant’s mother.

The Neighborhood Talk, a well-known social media site, posted a video of Natalie Nunn and Tommie Lee fighting before their boxing battle. Nunn may be amusing herself in the popular video rather than starting a brawl with her prospective foe. Lee then confronted Nunn after she began to fling her hands at Nunn. While others attempt to pull the opponents apart from one another, Lee can be seen at one point yanking Nunn’s wig off.

Has Tommie Lee mistreated Chris Brown?

According to Neighborhood Talk, this occurred when  Winter Banco,  Nunn, Rollie, and Tommie Lee entered the backstage area of the Chris Brown show in London. Rollie, the star of the Baddies, claimed that Tommie remarked on Chris’ baby’s cuteness before slamming the door of the room the baby was in. Rollie continued by saying that the actions of Tommie while she was intoxicated, required them to repel three distinct attackers.

Tommie Lee  & Chris Brown's son
Source: Twitter

To address the accusations, Tommie Lee initiated a live stream. However, while doing so, Lee insulted young Aeko. Lee asserts that she was unaware that the infant was present and would never open the door to a baby, not even her own.

Tommie claimed that Amika Harris, Aeko’s mother, slammed the door after accusing Nunn and Rollie of lying. Tommie said she was not concerned for Aeko, his mother, or any of his parents. Fans’ reactions were mixed, with some criticizing Lee for including little Aeko in this feud.

Moreover, Natalie Nunn occasionally makes public statements on Instagram, upsetting her pals. They have no animosity towards one another, according to Tommie Lee, and their decision to compete in the ring is motivated by their love of sports.

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