Hugh Grant was accused of uncouth behavior toward Ashley Graham

Hugh Grant was accused of uncouth behavior toward Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham handled the unpleasant encounter with Hugh Grant at the Oscars with poise and is doing the same now.

Hugh Grant’s “terrible” red carpet interview with Vanity Fair has split Oscars viewers.

The British actor received praise and criticism for his direct comments on Sunday, March 12.

Ashley Graham, known for her sharp tongue and sarcasm, questioned the actor but didn’t appear ready for his answers—or an absence of them.

A day after her embarrassing encounter with the renowned British actor, we saw the model-turned-interviewer at LAX. The actor had no simple answers for the somewhat routine softball questions Ashley Graham was throwing his way on the red carpet.

Grant was asked if he was anticipating any particular actors winning, to which he said, “No, not one in particular.”

Graham then questioned Grant on  Glass Onion, the follow-up to Knives Out,  which received an Oscar nomination in the Best Adapted Screenplay category. In the movie, Hugh Grant makes a brief appearance.

She said, “That was such a fantastic picture, so tell me what it was like to be in Glass Onion. I adored it a lot. How does it feel to fire something like that?

Oh, I’m barely in it,” Grant remarked. ” I spend around three seconds there.”

Grant retorted, “Uh, nearly,” to Graham’s remark, “Yes, but anyway, you came there, and you had fun, right?”

Graham concluded the conversation after realizing she had encountered rigidity from the actor. Grant walked away, and he appeared to shake his head in perplexity.

Ashley Graham with Hugh Grant at Oscar
Source: Twitter

Some notable events at the Oscars were the cocaine bear harassing the youngest Nobel Peace winner, educationist Malala Yousafzai,  Michelle Yeoh becoming the first Asian woman to receive the best actress prize, and  Banshees of Inisherin’s Jenny the donkey charming the audience.

Everything Everywhere All at Once, which won seven awards at the Oscar presentation, including Best Film, had a spectacular night.

Angela Bassett received accolades for her “genuine” response to losing the Best Supporting Actor award to Jamie Lee Curtis ( Everything Everywhere All at Once), which  Jonathan Majors and  Michael B. Jordan seemed to address on stage shortly after.

In the meantime, Jimmy Kimmel, the 95th Oscar host, opened the Los Angeles event with a monologue in which he made fun of Will Smith’s slap from the previous year, filmmaker James Cameron of Avatar.

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