What happened to Lara Logan

What happened to Lara Logan? Check here!

Lara Logan, a journalist based in South Africa, was terminated from her position at NewsMax following a series of odd claims that she made on the right-wing station. Exactly, What happened to Lara Logan?

The 51-year-old went on a question-and-answer non-style rant in front of The Balance host Eric Bolling as he spoke on Eric Bolling’s show on October 19, 2022. He stated that Satan controls the “open border” policy of the United States.

In addition, she stated that the ruling classes of the globe desire to “feed on the blood of children” while they want “us to eat cockroaches and insects.” One day after journalist Logan made controversial statements while appearing on the show, NewsMax issued an official statement to the Daily Beast in which they distanced themselves from the journalist.

What happened to Lara Logan

After making a comparison between the Chief Medical Advisor to the President, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the notorious Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who is also known as the “angel of death,” Lara Logan was terminated from her position at Fox News, which led to the bizarre statements that she has made since leaving the network.
Lara further asserted that she had a conversation with a member of “the worldwide cabal” who had seen notes that detailed the conspirators’ plans to undermine the nation’s security by facilitating the entry of illegal immigrants.

Twitter users respond to recent comments made by Lara Logan.

Twitter users pointed out the famed journalist’s fall from grace in recent years as a direct result of her controversial comments, which occurred after NewsMax disassociated itself from Lara Logan’s inflammatory statements. At the same time, she was a guest on Eric Bolling’s show.

In 1992, Lara Logan began working as a senior producer for Reuters Television in Africa, where she began her career as a journalist. She relocated to London in the middle of the 1990s and found employment as a stringer for CNN before moving on to work for the breakfast show on GMTV.

What happened to Lara Logan

After that, she signed a full-time contract with CBS worth $1 million and spent the next 16 years establishing her reputation in the industry. Because of a false interview Dylan Davies conducted on 60 Minutes with Logan on the attack on the US government compound in Libya in 2012, Logan’s career began to go downward.

Following her departure from CBS News, she began working for Fox on her show and made regular appearances on other Fox programs. Her statements, in which she compared Dr. Fauci to Josef Mengele, ultimately led to her departure from the network.

Twitter users quickly called out the journalist’s collapse after NewsMax, a channel known for entertaining people with unconventional perspectives, released a forceful statement condemning her views. Twitteratis were quick to point out the fall of the journalist.

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