7.30 host Sarah Ferguson was criticized for grilling Jim Chalmer

Viewers Responded Over Host Sarah Ferguson’s Budget Night Catechizing Treasurer Jim Chalmers

Sarah Ferguson is one of Australia’s best-known, most accomplished, and highly awarded journalists. She has been appointed presenter of ABC’s nightly current affairs flagship, 7.30. Ferguson, a multi-award-winning journalist with a background in investigative reporting, has developed a signature interview style since taking on the host role at 7:30 am.

Why are the viewers not happy with Sarah?

Viewers were upset with Sarah at 7:30 am after her fiery showdown with federal treasurer Jim Chalmers after he delivered the budget Tuesday night. Critics reprehended her by saying that she was “too combative,” “rude,” and “aggressive.”

Some viewers even asked for a senior political commentator, demanding that Laura Tingle put Ferguson on a more permanent basis in the replacement show. Sarah was facing social media trolls after the show.

“What a disappointment Sarah Ferguson is, her aggressive style is appalling, she is just plain nasty. If ABC think this is what viewers want they are delusional. Won’t be long now before Murdoch takes over”, twitted by Terri Ryan.

Ferguson replaced long-standing ABC presenter Leigh Sales in June, joining Chief Political Correspondent Laura Tingle and an outstanding team.

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Jim Chalmers attended the show to discuss his first budget since becoming treasurer. But viewers spilt over her lightning-fast approach.

Some viewers even praised her for candid style. @lel0601 posted on twitter: ‘Great interview by Sarah Ferguson. She certainly knows her ‘stuff’. The fast pace didn’t bother Jim Chalmers at all. If you’re honest like Dr. Jim, it wouldn’t be.’

While many viewers quickly recognized Ferguson’s credentials as an outstanding investigative journalist, it’s her signature interview style that has come under criticism.

Using Twitter @Rossielad posted :”Sarah Ferguson Loosing her credibility daily So disappointing Sarah Ferguson Thought you were better than this Clearly our expectations of you were far too high You are just another biased reporter.”

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