Justice for Cassius Turvey

Justice for 15 years old Cassius Turvey

Cassius Turvey, a 15-year-old Noongar boy, was killed while walking home from school with his friends. On the afternoon of October 13, he was brutally attacked by youths and beaten with a metal pole. 

He suffered a seizure and had to return to  Perth Children’s Hospital where he died on October 23. His family claimed for National solidarity actions.

National rallies have been called in Australia after this brutal murder. Across social media, tributes are flowing out in solidarity with Cassius and his mother Mechelle Turvey.

Proff Anita Heiss AM wrote on twitter: ” My heart, like many around the country and world, goes out to Cassius Turvey’s devastated mother, family and friends who have all been given a life sentence of grief. JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED!”

What happened With Cassius?

That day the schoolboys asked their parents for permission to stop by the local shops on the way home. According to WA police, a man in a black Ford Ranger ute followed them near Midland Tafe around 4:30 pm. He exited the vehicle and allegedly assaulted Cassius with an iron pole as his friends fled to safety.An attack on a second boy, who was part of the group, is being investigated.

The violent assault left Cassius with several head injuries. His head required seven stitches and a slashed ear.

His Mother’s Reaction

Mechelle Turvey told NITV’s that he was initially discharged after treatment and sent home. “All the scans had been done,” she says. Eight hours later he experienced a surge of pain and a seizure. After returning to hospital was placed in an induced coma. Cassius then underwent brain surgery to relieve swelling and bleeding on the brain. He suffered two strokes also. He passed away on Sunday surrounded by family just over a month after his father Sam Turvey died of Cancer.

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