TXT releases a new song, "Goodbye Now," for "Love Revolution"

TXT releases a new song, “Goodbye Now,” for “Love Revolution”

TXT ( Tomorrow X Together) has released its cover of the song “Goodbye Now,” As part of the music for the ongoing webcomic series “Love Revolution.”

In association with Naver Webtoons, a South Korean website that hosts original webcomics, the song was formally published today (February 22) at 6 p.m. KST. The South Korean music duo 015B’s song “Goodbye Now,” first published in the 1990s, has since become a traditional graduation song in that country.

To coincide with the upcoming conclusion of the comic book series Love Revolution, which will see its main characters graduate from high school this April, TXT reworked the song. The chorus of the song has a five-piece group singing, “Goodbye doesn’t mean that we’re parting forever / It’s a promise that we’ll meet again / The moments that we spent together are all gone as memories now / We have to depart to find the route that we’ll embark on.”

The lead single from TXT’s recently released EP, “The Name Chapter: Temptation,” is “Sugar Rush Ride.” That is the group’s third collaboration with Salem Ilese, an American singer-songwriter credited with producing the song.

In addition to the title song, “The Name Chapter: Temptation” includes “Happy Fools,” a joint effort between TXT and American rapper Coi Leray. Remarkably, the track’s production involved all five TXT members and Leray.

The characters of Naver Webtoon’s iconic work, “Love Revolution,” will graduate from school in April. To strengthen the ‘Love Revolution’ that is about to be finished, 015B’s ‘Goodbye Now,’ known as the emblematic song for graduation ceremonies, has been reworked as an OST.

This tune complements the “graduation” plot and is anticipated to meld into the webcomic and enhance readers’ immersion pleasantly.

To further elucidate, TOMORROW X TOGETHER performs as a vocalist. TXT’s “Goodbye Now,” which features emotive vocals, will allow listeners to reminisce with friends and provide a calming resonation for people about to begin a new school year or semester.

The path from adolescence to adulthood and beyond might not run smoothly or always be predictable, but as they continue to grow as artists, TXT is giving us one thing to count on in this life: they’ll be by our side, providing the soundtrack to our pain, joy, confusion, and hope,” wrote NME’s Rhian Daly in a review, giving the album four stars.

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