Paramore unveiled a new song from the "This Is Why," in Nashville

Paramore unveiled a new song from the “This Is Why,” in Nashville

To mark the impending release of their new album, “This Is Why,” Paramore gave a local performance in Nashville on Monday. “Running Out of Time,” a song from “This Is Why,” made its live debut during the performance.

“Running Out of Time” is about the singer’s propensity to be “always late to everything,” Hayley Williams explained to the audience as she introduced the song.

She added, “it’s not that profound. Unless you want to consider the possibility of planet death, it might be that deep.”

User Brianna Fallon uploaded a fan-shot video of the concert to YouTube.

The long-awaited sequel to 2017’s After Laughter, “This Is Why,” is out this Friday. Additionally, “The News,”  “This Is Why,” and “C’est Comme a,” which were previously released, are included.

In May, Paramore will begin a U.S. tour in support of its new album, “This Is Why.”  In March, they’ll be opening for Taylor Swift at two events.

Running Out of Time by Paramore, Setting aside the Hourglass

Paramore performed new song "Running Out of Time"  in Nashville
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“Why the rush, exactly?” In Paramore’s most recent song, “Running Out of Time,” Hayley Williams defies the passage of time. Before the release of their new album This is Why on Friday, February 10, the band performed the song for the first time at a release concert in Nashville.

Williams informed the Grand Ole Opry crowd, “This is a song about how I’m usually late to everything.”Except if you want to consider the possibility of planet death, it’s not that deep. The depth then becomes possible.

The songs “C’est Comme a” and “The News” from the album “This is Why” had their live debuts right after “Running Out of Time.” The band’s most recent album, After Laughter, resembles the lyrical laziness and contemporary dance sound of the previous two.

Williams sang, “Never mind, I punched snooze on my alarm twenty times/But I was simply exhausted.” Traffic, car crashes, and coffee spills prevented her from arriving on time.

Paramore argued against worrying too much about the future on “C’est Comme a.”  Hayley Williams described the track as “I’m attempting to get un-addicted to a survival tale.” “Not knowing anything about the future or my role in it is more disastrous than the notion of impending disaster. The men and I are all in far more secure situations than ever previously in our lives. And I find it difficult to acclimatize to it somehow.”

What Encourages Hayley Williams is Thrifting,  Teas,  and Terrifying Films

The lead singer and composer of Paramore discuss playing in a mature band and the music, tinctures, and mushrooms that have helped them on their path as they release their sixth album, “This Is Why,” today.

Hayley Williams, the charismatic frontwoman for the pop-punk band Paramore, has been performing since she was just 34 years old. She joked last month to her  guitarist Taylor York, colleagues, and drummer Zac Farro, “I was just saying to the boys, we’re too young to be old but too old to be young.”

“Some people view us in the same light that I view artists who have been at it for far longer than we have. A part of me feels like I’m 85, and another part of me thinks I’m lost in life,” Hayley continued.

Similarly, Paramore’s sixth album, “This Is Why,” which drops on Friday, is a far cry from the shrill emo of its early years. Instead, it revels in the spiky new wave and funkier syncopations of “After Laughter,” its 2017 record, all of which get topped by Williams’s rich, flexible voice.

"This Is Why,' a new album by Paramore band
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Williams praised her debut solo record, “Petals for Armor,” for giving her more self-assurance as she prepared for “This Is Why,” Paramore’s first album in six years. As Hayley digested the trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic and the racial injustice near her Nashville home during the lockdown, it also gave her the confidence to look outward.

Williams recounted what had motivated and soothed her while her band refocused from Nashville’s  Farro’s rental studio, where Williams’  Alf, golden doodle, looked for crumbs.

Some Details about the album “This Is Why” by Paramore

"This Is Why,' a new album by Paramore band
Source: Twitter

The American pop-rock group Paramore will release This Is Why, their sixth studio album, on February 10, 2023, via Atlantic Records. Following After Laughter (2017) is the band’s first album in almost six years.

It is also their first album with the same lineup as its precursor. “This Is Why” album is the first to feature a title tune. On September 28, 2022, the album’s debut song, “This Is Why,” was made public along with the album’s announcement.


  • “This Is Why” (title track)
  • “Running Out of Time”
  • “The News”
  • “C’est Comme a”
  • “Big Man, Little Dignity”
  • “Figure 8”
  • “You First”
  • “Thick Skull”
  • “Crave”
  • “Liar.”

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