Green Bay Packers Vs. Tennessee Titans Match Details

Green Bay Packers Vs. Tennessee Titans Match Details

Aron Rogers’ Packers dropped to 4-7 after facing a crushing defeat, 27-17, to the Tennessee Titans on November 17, Thursday at Lambeau Field. In the match, the Packers squad was playing from behind and would never do what was needed to find the Titans; that is getting better as the season proceeds. The Titans looked more agreeable and ready than the Packers.

The Titans were predominant throughout the last night’s match and didn’t trail once against the Packers. The Tennessee Titans outperformed the Green Bay Packers as far as absolute first downs, passing yards, total yards, yards per play, rushing yards, and possession time. After this win, the Titans squad improved their record by 7-3.

The Turning Point Of the Game

During the second touchdown of the Titans, when Henry’s four-yard rush broadened their lead before the half, they went into the third quarter with momentum. Meanwhile, Titan’s defense held the Green Bay team to a field goal in the second half’s opening. It is consistently a success to keep Aaron Rodgers to three points, even in a year when the Green Bay Packers are not playing up to their typical standard.

The Match Highlights

The packers’ passing player Aaron Rodgers went 24 of 39 with 227 yards and had two touchdowns. But the missed wide-open receiver was the most perplexing and unfavorable. The Tennessee Titans don’t present the most troublesome option to play against in the league, yet the Green bay Packers made it look great with their offensive battles. Aaron Rodgers’ 28-yard throw to Randall Cobb was the longest pass.

The Tennessee team was the primary on the scoreboard when an 83-yard drive finished with a touchdown by Dontrell Hilliard from Ryan Tannehill. At the same time, the Green Bay Packers got their first point from Aaron Rodgers’ touchdown pass to Christian Watson. The additional point was impeded, leaving it at 7-6.

Henry is a surprise coming back, yet he is an excellent quarterback too. Henry got the ball in the second half and goal, and it appeared he would do what he is best at: punch it into the end zone. Be that as it may, the offense had a stunt hype up its sleeve. Henry tossed the ball to Austin Hooper for the TD to broaden the Titan’s lead.

Just before halftime, a rushing touchdown by Derrick Henry gave a 14-6 lead to the Titans. Henry impacted the ground, yet he likewise flaunted his quarterback abilities, tossing a touchdown to Austin Hooper

The Packers went inside three because of another touchdown from Watson and an effective two-point conversion. Not long later, the Titans answered with the second touchdown from Hooper and that time on Ryan Tannehill’s pass.

Quarterback Tannehill extraordinarily played by going 22 of 27 with 333 yards, along with two touchdowns. Although he had an interference, it wasn’t a game-changer.

Another celebrated player, Derrick Henry, also contributed 87 yards total on 28 carries, along with a rushing touchdown. And a passing touchdown. This innovative offense perplexed the Packer’s guard.

Trylon Burks( Rookie) drove the group in, getting 111 yards on seven catches and a 51-yarder to seal the triumph formally. Robert Woods played amazingly by storing up 69 yards on six receptions.

Team Stats

The Tennessee Titans

1. Total Yards: 408

2. Passing Yards: 320

3. Rushing Yards: 88

4. Yards Per Play: 6.4

5. First Downs: 21

6. Total Plays: 64

7. Punts: 3

8. Penalties( Yards): 2 (20)

9. Interception Thrown: 1

10. Time of Possession: 32:28

The Green Bay Packers

1. Total Yards: 271

2. Passing Yards: 215

3. Rushing Yards: 56

4. Yards Per Play: 4.6

5. First Downs: 15

6. Total Plays: 59

7. Punts: 4

8. Penalties( Yards): 5 (40)

9. Interception Thrown: 0

10. Time of Possession: 27:32

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