"The Masked Singer," eighth season winner is Harp, Amber Riley.

“The Masked Singer,” eighth season winner is Harp, Amber Riley.

The Masked Singer, eighth season, delegated an all-new winner on Wednesday! After a few genuinely stunning exhibitions from the last two contenders – – The Lambs and The Harp – – only one of them had the option to leave with the Golden Mask Prize!

Eventually, Harp won Round 1, and the Lamb won Round 2.

In the long custom of The Masked Singer, an American reality singing championship series, the configuration of this season’s ongoing interaction and rivalry was vastly different from every other season that has preceded it.

Thus, The Harp needed to fight it out and protect her crown for a long time (three weeks) before acquiring her spot in the semifinals. The Lamb, then again, just needed to win two weeks straight. Whereas, Snowstorm just needed to win one to come to the semifinal.

But, last week, The Harp and The Lambs beat Nikki Glaser, the Snowstorm, passing on them to clash in Wednesday’s finale – – every one of them belting out two remarkable performances with an end goal to win the votes of the crowd.

The Harp, the Grammy-nominated singer, was quick to stir things up around the stage. The brilliant goddess conveyed a tomfoolery, fiery version of Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory” in The Masked Singer competition, which left the appointed authorities in outright wonderment.

While The Lamb indeed carried the feels to the stage, The Harp had one final opportunity to take out the triumph – – and she performed with “Gravity” by John Mayer, a downplayed tune that wasn’t an artistic work in the conventional sense, however, was a masterclass in claiming the stage.

The Lambs. Source: GoldDerby

Before we gain proficiency with the personality of the new Covered Vocalist Sovereign, the time had come to see who The Sheep were. After every one of the last estimates was made, Robin demonstrated he has an incredible ear by accurately speculating that The Sheep were Wendy Wilson, Chynna Phillips, and Carnie Wilson of the famous pop gathering Wilson Phillips!

The songstresses affirmed his thinking about when they eliminated their goliath lamb heads and wondered over the experience of being on the show.

After an exposed reprise execution from Wilson Phillips, it was the ideal opportunity for The Harp to uncover her genuine character – – and this time, Nicole had a chance to flaunt her speculating abilities when she accurately anticipated that The Harp was Happiness alum and a superstar of musical theater, Amber Riley!

Every one of the specialists got on top of their table to support Riley with excitement as the entertainer pondered her experience on the show.

In the ending moments of the finale – – just before Amber Riley conveyed a tomfoolery, exposed performance – – Cannon affirmed that the reality music show, The Masked Singer, will be returning one year from now for season 9!

Where to Watch The Masked Singer Finale

The Masked Singer finale premiered on Fox from 8-10p.m on November 30, Wednesday. It would live broadcast on Fubo TV( free trial, then paid) and Sling.

In The Masked Singer Season Eight, Hosts & contestants

On “The Masked Singer,” extravagantly costumed VIPs sing while the specialists try to think about their identity. The specialists and crowd vote to determine the winner of the rounds of every episode. Two-star singers are exposed while one maneuver on to the following week.


Famous American host, actor, rapper, and comedian Nick Cannon hosted season 8 of “The Masked Singer.”

The Panelists

The music reality show “The Masked Singer” has panelists who surmise the superstars’ personalities by deciphering the signs given to them each season. This season the panelists were Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Robin Thicke, and Nicole Scherzinger.


Source: Voting Boss

Willson Phillips as The Lambs and Amber Riley as The Harp joined Nikki Glaser as Snowstorm. In the other season 8, contestants were-

Scarecrow- Linda Blair

Avocado- Adam Corolla

Sir Bug A Boo- Ray Parker Jr.

Bride- Chris Jericho

Gopher- George Clinton

Walrus- Joey Lawrence

Venus Flytrap- George Foreman

Milkshake- Le’Veon Bell

Mermaid- Gloria Gaynor

Robo Girl- Kat Graham

Bettle Jerry Springer

Fortune Teller- Daymond John

Panther- Montell Jordan

Maize- Mario Cantone

Mummies- Christopher Knight, Barry Williams, and Mike Lookinland

Hummingbird- Chris Kirkpatrick

Pi-Rat- Jeff Dunham

Knight- William Shatner

Hedgehog- Eric Idle.

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