what happened to steve wallis' wife

What happened to Steve Wallis’s wife? How Did She Pass?

Life is full of twists and turns that you don’t see coming. Some memories are happy, and some are sad. Steve Wallis, a YouTuber, has been having a hard time dealing with the death of his wife. Want to know what happened to Steve Wallis’s wife and how she died? Stick around.

Stephen Wallis

After setting up camp, he also likes to drink a beer, which he calls “step two” of his process. As of July 2020, he posted 15–25 minute videos every Thursday about setting up camp, making a fire, cooking a meal, going to bed, waking up, breaking down camp, and leaving.

What happened to Steve Wallis's wife

After setting up camp, which he calls “step one” of his process, he also likes to have a beer. As of July 2020, he posted 15- to 25-minute videos every Thursday about setting up camp, making a fire, cooking a meal, going to bed, waking up, breaking down camp, and leaving.

What Happened to the Wife of Steve Wallis?

On Saturday, Jessica Audrey Wallis died in her sleep. She married Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis, whose channel is “Camping with Steve.” Steve just put out a video about the “devastating” death of his wife.
In late August 2022, Steve Wallis put up a video that he called “the hardest video he’s ever had to make.” He said in the video:

“I’m just going to take my time and say what’s on my mind. Saturday night, my lovely wife and I went to bed. Sunday morning, only I woke up. I don’t know how many days it’s been, but it’s been a real shock.”

What happened to Steve Wallis's wife

Wallis said that he wasn’t making up good things about his wife. “This is what they say about everyone who dies: that there was no one else like them and that they made everyone smile,” Steve said. “But she was real, and anyone will tell you that.”

Wallis started his video with a sentence that broke my heart. He said that he and his wife went to bed together on Saturday night, but only he woke up on Sunday morning. On the other hand, the YouTuber told the terrible news with a trembling voice and tears in his eyes.

Twitter has already been full of condolences for Steve and his family. People are telling them to keep going and have hope for the future in the face of such tragedy. But, unfortunately, the recent tragedy seemed to have made the influencer very sad.

What happened to Steve Wallis’s wife?

He just got back from camping in the woods and will return in a week. He also says that his wife is the light in his life, but she suddenly leaves him on the trip they’ve been taking up until now. Steve has not said what killed his wife in the end. She probably had health problems in the past or died suddenly and unexpectedly, like Steve did when he found out his wife had died.

Jessica, married to Steve, is a public school teacher who prefers to stay out of the spotlight. So even though there are a few on the internet, we can understand why she would not want her image to be widely distributed.

Steves Response To His Followers

Steve thanked his followers for their messages of condolence, but he also said it would take him a while to read them all and respond. On the other hand, Steve said that his social media manager would organize the messages so that he could look at them later.
In Jessica’s memory, Wallis asked people to give to food banks and homeless shelters.
Steve asked people to give money to their local food banks and shelters for homeless people. “That was what Jess liked to do the most.”

What happened to Steve Wallis's wife

Wallis and Jess used to drive around with food and other supplies for homeless and hungry people.

“There would be some socks, a water bottle, and deodorant. We had these little packages, and she’d love to hand them out that way, “Wallis said. “If you could do something like that for her, it would mean the world to her.”

Wallis said that he would be away from social media for an unspecified amount of time to mourn the death of his wife. “Guys, I’m going to leave for a while,” Wallis said. “I don’t plan to go anywhere. Jess wouldn’t want me to stop making videos or doing anything like that. So I need a little bit of time.”

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