Simon Cowell flashes concern with fans after showing his new look

Simon Cowell flashes concern with fans after showing his new look

Simon Cowell looks unrecognizable as he appears another look – flaunting a smooth tone and radiant white teeth. The television legend and music maker ignited fears in fans following the footage promoting the 2023s audition of Britain Got Talent.

Source: Twitter

It comes only weeks after David Walliams ignited an uproar over remarks he made about a challenger and, in this way, stopped the show. Yet, it was 63-year-old Simon who captured everyone’s attention on Thursday as he addressed fans on a video advancement tries out for the opposition one year from now.

Britain Got Talent’s famous judge shared a video clip, “ I always say on this show, two or three minutes can change your life. And it has. And maybe this time it’s gonna be you. So, please audition now for next year’s season, and I look forward to meeting you.”

In any case, rather than answers about the audition cycle, fans rushed to point out his appearance, and someone even compared him to the son of Herman Munster. Simon was immersed in remarks about his changing appearance as people on social media remarked he was ‘unrecognizable.’

One Twitter user posted: “ Simon Cowell looks like someone at a fancy dress party trying to be Simon Cowell.”

Simon has broadly lost 20 lbs of weight throughout recent years. He updated his way of life after crushing his back in 2020 when he crashed his electric bicycle close to his Malibu home. According to the reports of Mail Online, Simon presently has daily sleeping and workout habits.

He experienced complications from back surgery, which needed him to remain in bed for a very long time for the most part. Simon adjusted his plan to get work done to guarantee he begins conferences after 9 am instead of holding meetings in the early morning like he used to.

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