are rachel and jose still together

Are Rachel and Jose still together? Let’s find out.

Following the announcement of their separation approximately a month ago, Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel Jr. have finalized their divorce and are no longer together. Things got off to a rocky start for the couple early in their relationship.

On the day of the decision, however, they came to the conclusion that they would attempt to make things work out. Therefore, they intended to move back in together, but fate had other ideas in store for them. Rachel and Jose made the decision to end their relationship before they made that significant move again.

Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel Jr., married on M.A.F.S., have separated.

Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel Jr. disclosed their intention to submit a divorce petition in the month of December 2021. They made the announcement in a joint statement at the time. The message stated, “After considerable thinking, we have decided that it is better to go our separate ways.” They said, “It is a decision that we do not make lightly, but after some back and forth and attempting to make this marriage work, we feel that this decision best serves our future.”

As a conclusion to their letter, they said, “The MAFS adventure taught us a lot about ourselves and what we both need in a companion.” We want to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported us over the past eight and a half months. Rachel went on Instagram today to make the announcement that their divorce is final.

She published a snapshot on social media that showed her posing in front of some enormous blue wings. She captioned the shot with the phrase “And just like that… It’s final—I’m no longer married! My wedding was very public, but I will never regret getting married. There were advancements made in terms of both knowledge and physical capacity.

Rachel went on to say that if an individual emerges from an experience having become a better person, then it is difficult to understand how they could ever regret the choices they made. She continued by stating that while she was going through the process of Married at First Sight, she was asked the question, “What does divorce mean to you?”

Rachel shared that she once had the misconception that it meant she had failed. On the other hand, her viewpoint regarding that has shifted. She doesn’t accept that she was unsuccessful. Rachel stated that she had “given it her all,” but in the end, she had to choose herself, which was okay.

Jose has not provided any comment up to this point regarding their finalized divorce.

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