TeePee Net Worth 2022: Taking into Account, Age, Wages, and Other Factors.

Who is TeePee?

TeePee has been broadcasting on Twitch since August 3, 2011, making him one of the first broadcasters. More than 700,000 people are now following him on Facebook.

Although he is most known as a Call of Duty player, he started playing video games with Pokemon. Having retired from competitive eSports in 2016, he now works full-time as a content creator for a variety of companies, including LeveraGe and Optic Gaming. At the present, he focuses on casting, streaming, and acting teaching.

Full Name Tyler Polchow
Age 29
Date of Birth 3rd July
Nationality American
Net Worth $3,000,000
Twitch Followers 746,681

For the past year and a half, he’s been a major force in the Warzone community. Watch his earnings on Twitch.tv and see how much money he’s making.

Some Twitch leaks have occurred.

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During the months of August 2019 through October 2021, TeePee received $1,786,534 in Twitch awards, according to documents published by Twitch on June 10, 2021. This figure does not include money from YouTube, sponsorships, or merchandise. This information is no longer based on fact, but rather on supposition.

What is the current market value of TeePee?

TeePe is estimated to be worth more than $3 million, according to reports. He’s currently bringing in an estimated $86,235.1 every month.

How much money does TeePee make each month, on average?

TeePee expects to earn $86,235.1 every month from a variety of sources. Subscriptions, ad income, and brand collaborations all fall under this category.

In what ways and at what times does TeePe profit?


Subscribing to Twitch Subscription costs are split between Twitch and the streamer. As a result, a $2.50 monthly subscription will only cost them $2.50 for new streams on Tier 1. There may be a 60/40 split in Tier 2 (for the most successful streamers) or 70/30 split in Tier 3 (for the most successful streamers), if the streamer obtains more than 1,000 monthly views.

Bits – Each bit a streamer receives is worth $0.01 to them.

Tyler Polchow

Twitch Ads – Broadcasters may earn between $10 and $20 per thousand impressions, depending on their contracts (CPM). Assuming this is correct, the advertiser receives $10-20 for every 1000 individuals who see the broadcast and click on the ad.


YouTubers get paid for every 1000 views (CPM). Game developers may anticipate to earn anywhere from $2-7 CPM, which implies that for every 1,000 views on their YouTube channel, they will be paid $2-7. Ad-blocking software, for example, blocks advertising from being seen to certain viewers. A broadcaster gets paid for its viewers around 80% of the time.

TeePee’s YouTube Subscribers Make How Much?

The number of Twitch subscribers a streamer like TeePe has affects his revenue, right?

A single month’s Twitch earnings bring in $60,871.3. It’s broken down as follows:

TeePee has 11,059 active followers as of October 2021, according to Twitchtracker. Twitch subscribers are split 70/30 between him and the streaming site, which implies that he’s earning $3.50 x 11,059 = $38,706.5 every month in subscription fees.

Last month, 3,793 individuals tuned in to watch TeePee for an average of 256 hours. If he ran the ads twice an hour at a $10 CPM, he might make $19,494.8 per month from advertising.

Because we don’t have any actual numbers to work with, it’s more difficult to estimate contributions and bits. Observed from his position in the crowd. So far this month, he has earned $445 from his Top 10 Streamlabs donations. This is just a fraction of his Streamlabs work. An estimated $1,335 will be deposited into his account each month as a result of his monthly donations. The amount he donates in micropayments is probably the same every month.

Monthly, he receives around $2,670 in donations.

Are TeePe’s YouTube earnings known?

Advertisements on TeePee’s channel are the main way he makes money on YouTube. On Socialblade, he received 22,947,146 views in the month of September. We can figure out how much money he earns from his YouTube channel by breaking it down.

obtained from the social networking site Socialblade, a screenshot

There have been 2,181,987 times this page has been visited.

A total of 2,181.9 views every month equates to $4,363.8 from YouTube Adsense for a total of 4,363.8 views each month.

TeePee’s YouTube channel brings on an average of $4,363.8 a month in income.

Why Do TeePe’s T-Shirts Sell for So Much Money?

The only TeePee goods advertised on his channel is Envy.gg, which we’ll include in sponsorship money.

In a given month, TeePee’s merchandise sales bring in zero dollars.

Are TeePee’s Brand Partnerships Paying a Fair Price?


TeePee appears to have agreements with Intel, Prime Gaming, JBL Quantum, Samsung Odyssey, and Scuf Gaming for the use of their brands. TeePee is probably making something in the neighbourhood of $20,000 a month because of the amount of sponsors he has and the size of his fan following.

From brand partnerships, TeePe makes around $20,000 a month.

Professional E-Sports Earn TeePee Much Money?

There has been $332,453.71 in prize money collected by Teepee over the course of his 105 tournament appearances. So far this year, he’s made around $13,000. According to this information, he is making an average of $1,000 per month in tournament winnings.

Every month, TeePee’s tournament profits total around $1,000.

Lastly, some reflections

TeePee is now raking in significant money on Twitch in the COD community. With the upcoming release of a new COD game, he has a bright future ahead of him.

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