Ted Harbert Net Worth: When it Comes to His Finances.

Ted Harbert

Toby Henson The net worth of Ted Harbert is $50 million USD.

In terms of Salary and Net Worth: Ted Harbert

Ted Harbert is one of the most wealthy executives in American media and television, with a fortune of $50 million. Ted was the Comcast Entertainment Group CEO and Chairman of the Board for NBC and ABC when he was there.

Edward W. Harbert III was born in New York City in June of 1955. His father was the driving force behind the firm, having worked in the fields of television, advertising, and publishing. After working with Howard Stern at Boston University’s school radio station as a student, he went on to become a popular radio personality.

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When he returned to New York, he was employed by ABC. Once in Los Angeles, Harbert became the head of ABC Entertainment. NYPD Blue, My So-Called Life, The Wonder Years, and The Practice are just a few of the many more series that have aired. As a result of Ted’s efforts, ABC was able to reach the pinnacle of primetime programming in 1995 and eventually turn a profit. He worked as a producer at Dreamworks TV for two years until becoming head of NBC Studios in 1999.

He was named president of E! Networks upon its inception in 2002. As president and CEO of the Comcast Entertainment Group, which included E! and Style Network, in 2006, he oversaw the company’s operations. Ad sales, network research, domestic television distribution, and Late Night are all within Harbert’s purview after Comcast’s purchase of NBC Universal. He married Lisa Medrano in 2011 for the sake of his children. Chelsea Handler, a well-known stand-up comedian, was once a romantic interest of his.

Real Estate:

Ted Harbert

A New York City condo purchased by Ted in 2013 cost $7.3 million. For $10 million in August 2020, he will put the flat on the market.

Amenia, New York’s estate was acquired by the family for $1.75 million in 2012.

He and Chelsea Handler acquired a home in Marina Del Rey, California, when they were dating. The home was sold for $3.4 million a year later by Ted after Chelsea and Ted split up.


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