Who is Kobe Bryants uncle

Who is Kobe Bryants uncle: Chubby Cox?

Twitter users are challenging one another not to find up who is Kobe Bryants uncle was, most likely because his birthday was only a few days ago – and because of his humorous nickname.

Who is Kobe Bryants uncle?

John Arthur “Chubby” Cox was born in 1955, and he is the brother-in-law of the former NBA player Joe Bryant. Joe Bryant’s sister Pam Cox is married to Kobe Bryant’s father. Hence John Arthur “Chubby” Cox is Joe Bryant’s brother-in-law.

John Arthur “Chubby” Cox III, a former professional basketball player from the United States who played point guard, goes by the nickname “Chubby.”

who is kobe bryants uncle

He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 29, 1955, and he is currently 66 years old, having reached that age just before New Year’s Eve. He was born on December 29.

Chubby Cox’s listed weight as a competitive basketball player was 180 pounds, and he has a height of 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters) (82kg).

When and for whom did Chubby Cox play basketball during his career?

In 1978, the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association (NBA) selected him as the seventh choice in the eighth round of the draft. However, it took him another four years before he was finally included on the team’s roster. Cox had 29 points for the Washington Bullets while participating in seven games with the team. In addition to playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA), Kobe Bryant’s uncle spent three years (1978–1981) competing professionally in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA).

He scored 50 points in a single game on December 28, 1979, the day before his 24th birthday. The game was played against the Lancaster Red Roses.

It is not quite known why people began to refer to him as “Chubby. As for his physicality, Cox was anything but Chubby,” a supporter remarked on Medium in 2016, the year dedicated to celebrating Cox’s birthday.

How are Kobe Bryant and ‘Chubby’ Cox linked to one another?

Pamela Bryant (née Cox), Kobe’s mother, had a brother named John Arthur “Chubby” Cox III. Kobe gets his good looks from both of his parents. When Pamela was 21, she tied the knot with Kobe’s father, Joe Bryant.

Chubby Cox has one son of his own, and his name is John. John Arthur Cox IV is a professional basketball player born in Venezuela and raised in the United States. His mother, Victoria, was a cheerleader for the University of South Florida.

who is kobe bryants uncle

John celebrated his birth in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1981, and he is now 40 years old. He competed in the Olympics in the past. He will be honored in the USF Dons Hall of Fame in 2019.

Individuals seem to dare each other not to – or occasionally to – seek online who was Kobe Bryant’s uncle. Because Cox’s birthday has just passed, and most likely because of the fact that he has a hilarious nickname. However, some people are daring each other to hunt for the answer.

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