' 'Star Wars- Andor '-Season 1, Episode-8 review

‘Star Wars-Andor’-Season 1 Episode 8 “Narkina 5” Review

Episode 8 of Andor starts with Cassian Andor in big trouble. He’s maltreated by the Shoretropers and taken to a planet called Narkina 5. This planet is home to an Imperial factory facility, given he’s fit enough to work. He and numerous other new prisoners are tasked with back-breaking manual labor. Unfortunately, there’s no chance of escape either.

The series continues to prove to be one of the best Star Wars shows. It could even dethrone The Mandalorian from the top spot.

The first eight episodes of the Andor are currently streaming on Disney+, with new episodes every Wednesday.

The return of Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera, in a small cameo, is one of the highlights of the episode. We can see in a poignant scene that Luthen Rael and Saw argue over each other’s methods.

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In this new episode, Cassian meets a number of different people, including his supervisor Kino, who echoes the Empire’s demands. They have a “sprint segment,” which seems to them a force to work harder and faster, with the badly disciplined least productive table.

Syril continues to work his desk. Later Lieutenant Meero takes it away from him. She’is noted that Syril is been looking at all the different queries noted he’s been looking at all the different queries about Cassian Andor. He admits he’s been using the limited resources.

Meero takes this to the Imperial group and suggests Andor could be part of this rebel group. According to her, this is the best lead they have. Now, she can begin to work with Syril to learn more. He points out that Andor had an organized group of accomplices working with him, including Luthen. Syril does his best.

Meanwhile, before Meero leaves, he figures out he is a great supervisor and does his job diligently. He wants his old role back, but Meero does not. She warns him not to raise the alarm again.

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People are so excited. Social media like Twitter is flooded with posts regarding ‘Andor.’


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