WayV will release their 4th Mini Album, 'Phantom' on December 28

WayV will release their 4th Mini Album, ‘Phantom’ on December 28

WayV, the Chinese unit of K-pop act NCT, will finally release their highly anticipated 4th Mini Album, ‘Phantom,’ on December 28. The group’s first album without Lucas, who has been on break since August 2021, was released with this.

Watch the album’s teaser below.

The C-pop group WayV will return with a new album containing six members—Kun, Ten, Xiaojun, Winwin, Hendery, and Yangyang—following the release of their popular EP Kickback in 2021. That will be WayV’s first release as a six-piece act since group member Lucas is now inactive.

WayV said they are working on their fourth mini album on September 30, 2022, during the third edition of the NCT program. WayV’s fourth mini album, Phantom, is scheduled to be released on December 9, according to an announcement on November 23. [1] On November 30, Label V delayed the album’s release announcement. Later, it was revealed that December 28 would now be the official release date.

WayV, Source: Twitter

Release Date & Time of “Phantom,” 4th mini album of WayV

On December 28 at 6 PM KST/4 AM ET, WayV Phantom will be made available worldwide. A new music video with the same title will be released at the same time as the digital album on music streaming services. See below for Phantom’s international release date.

Country’s Time Time Date
Pacific Time 1 A.M. PT December 28
Central Time3 A.M. CTDecember 28
Eastern Time4 A.M. ETDecember 28
The U.K. Time9 A.M. GMTDecember 28
Europe Time10 A.M. CESTDecember 28
Indian Time2.30 P.M. ISTDecember 28
Philippines Time5 P.M. PSTDecember 28
Japan Time6 P.M. JSTDecember 28
Australia Time7:30 P.M. ACDTDecember 28
Singapore Time5 P.M.December 28
China Time5:30 P.M.December 28

Phantom’s Complete Tracklist

Phantom, WayV’s fourth mini album, will have eight songs, including two unit songs. View the complete tracklist in the section below.

  • Phantom- album’s title track
  • Diamonds Only
  • Broken Love
  • Good Life
  • Try My Luck
  • Bounce Back
  • Back To You
  • Low Low

According to rumors, Phantom includes music from several genres. Diamonds Only is a more R&B-based progressive track with an underlying Hip-hop theme, in contrast to the title track, which is defined as a pop dance hit with hip-hop sounds.

Another popular dancing song is Bounce Back, while Try My Luck features a beautiful symphony. As the name suggests, Broken Love will be a slow-tempo meaningful music, while Good Life will radiate happiness with a mid-tempo R&B song.

Source: Twitter

How to Listen to the Phantom’s Tracks

Watch the Phantom MV on December 28 at 6 PM KST on SMTOWN YouTube. Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music,  Melon, and other music services offer full album streaming.

How to pre-order the 4th mini album of WayV

Before it becomes available for purchase on December 28, WayV’s Phantom album can be pre-ordered.

To pre-order the physical record, which is available in Overture and Opera formats, go to smglobalshop.com.

Photocards, photobooks, postcards, CDs, clear mask cards, bookmarks, and cover are all included in both versions.

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