Rod Wave revealed his new EP, "Jupiter's Diary: 7 Day Theory."

Rod Wave revealed his new EP, “Jupiter’s Diary: 7 Day Theory.”

Renowned American rapper and singer Rod Wave dropped his new album “Jupiter’s Day: 7 Day Theory” at midnight. The album comprises eight songs.

This profoundly expected project further displays how dope Rod Wave truly is and showcases his imaginative expertise. Rod Wave’s new album, “Jupiters Diary: 7 Day Theory,” shows each component that added to Wave’s quick rising to the highest point of his class: The exchange between his vocals and verse, the severe genuineness that he depicts his initial valuable encounters with, and his ability for turning any example – regardless of how notable – into his trap-soul style. Like his legend, Louisiana rapper Kevin Entryways, Wave appears ready to keep his position in the class while reliably making business progress — regardless of whether he’ll be less miserable from here.

Rod Wave momentarily stressed his prospering fanbase late last year. He posted a snippet of “Nirvana” on his Instagram page had fans worried that the Florida rapper was battling with his emotional wellness. Wave immediately shut down the web frenzy, telling fans the track was expected as a suicide counteraction tune and not the slightest bit mirrored his reality. In an Instagram story he composed, he was happy and in the studio dealing with his next album. Rod Wave guaranteed via social media that his album ” Beautiful Mind” would be his last sad collection.

Comprised of eight tracks, Rod Wave handles this EP solo, and it came brilliantly, seeing like he just began his statewide tour with The Mariah, The Scientist, and Toosii; he will perform records from his celebrated album “Beautiful Mind“; however, fans may be in for a shock for specific live exhibitions of tunes from his new EP.

Rod Wave’s Other Popular Albums

Rod Wave’s album “ Beautiful Mind” was released on August 12, 2022. Since then, Rod Wave has reached the top position on billboards, and his rank was continuously rising.

Wave’s debut album, “ Ghetto Gospel” (2019), reached the 10th position on U.S billboards 200.

The celebrated American rapper rose to fame when his second album, “Pray 4 Love,” released on April 3, 2020, ranked second on the Billboard 200. Among his famous songs, “Rags2Riches,” reached the 12th number on the hot 100 and became Rod Wave’s highest-charting track.

The Songs of “Jupiter’s Diary: 7 Day Theory.”

1. Break My Heart

2. Got It Right

3. The Answer Is No

4. Jupiter’s Diary

5. Love Overdose

6. MJ Story

7. Just Sing

8. Don’t Need.

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