Power Book II: Gost will soon come with season 3: See All Details

Power Book II: Gost will soon come with season 3: See All Details

On Starz, there is no shortage of outstanding online entertainment. Power Book II: Season 3 of Ghost is finally coming!

At the beginning of the third season of Power Book II: Ghost, Brayden and Effie reveal a dangerous secret. And if you believe that their business partner Tariq can’t harm them, think again.

The Michael Rainey Jr.-led thriller, a sequel to the well-liked Power series, made its Starz debut in September 2020 and quickly won over viewers.

While Brayden, Tariq,  and the Tejada family still mourn Zeke’s passing at the beginning of this season, new issues appear. Season 3 is “sportier, spicier, and sexier,” according to Starz, with more betrayals, family strife, and unexpected new alliances.

Brayden gets forced to decide between his birth family and his adopted family, Tariq is progressing, and Monet is at a crossroads with her family.

As they carry something from Tariq, it is uncomfortable and awkward for Brayden and Effie, as series star Michael Rainey Jr. explains to TVLine. He continues, “so he thinks all is well.” believing everything is ordinary and extraordinary,” even though his character is “oblivious” to the fact that Effie and Brayden were responsible for the murder of Lauren, Tariq’s former girlfriend.

He motions to his nearby co-stars, Alix Lapri and Gianni Paolo. And these two are over here attempting to determine how they may leave the situation without revealing the truth. They try to choose how to display the facts without Tariq going insane.

Tariq, Power Book IIII: Ghost's lead character

The crucial strands left hanging at the end of Season 2 get immediately picked up when the Starz drama returns on Friday, March 17, with season 3.

What Time Does Starz Premiere The 3rd Season of  Power Book II: Ghost?

Power Book II: Ghost’s third season debuts on Starz on Friday, March 17, from 9:00 to 10:06 p.m. ET. At 11:37 p.m. ET, there is a repeat broadcast of the show.

On Starz, how to watch the 3rd season

On Starz.com and the Starz app, you can watch Power Book II: Ghost (available to download on Google Play, iTunes,  and Amazon). Three months of Starz service are presently available Monthly for $3.

For an additional $9 per month, Starz is also accessible with an active Philo membership (as well as fuboTV and Sling TV). For new subscribers, get an offer of a free trial period of seven days.

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