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Pieces Of Her – Everything We Know So Far About Netflix’s New Show

Pieces Of Her: “Pieces of Her” is a 2018 thriller made for Netflix. Pieces of Her follows a thirty-year-old woman who is involved in a shooting incident resulting in another person’s death at a local diner. A few moments later, she observes her mother, Laura, take the threat out of the situation in a straightforward, ruthless manner. Her perspective on her mother’s behavior that day shifts significantly when she attempts to explain them, and this causes a ripple effect throughout her family dynamic.

As soon as those figures from her mother’s past begin to make their appearance, she has no choice but to go and uncover the truth about her mother. During her travels, she will do everything possible to find the secrets her mother hid away years ago. This high-quality miniseries comprises eight episodes and has two outstanding casts, with each woman playing the same character in two distinct eras. Jessica Barden takes on the role of the younger version of Laura Oliver, while Toni Collette portrays the elder version of the character.


The narrative opens with Andy, a young lady in the emergency services who has just turned 30 and is out to dinner with her mother, Laura, at a neighborhood restaurant. One of the most shocking events on the television calendar for 2022, this naive meal progressively devolves into pure chaos.

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The assailant killed three people at the Crab Shop before assuming the identity of a police officer and turning his attention to Enda. As far as the mad murderer is concerned, Ende is completely defenseless and does not own a weapon.

She maintains her calm and composure throughout the ordeal. She keeps her palm on the knife as she neatly cuts the assailant’s throat while maintaining her grip on the blade. This shocking shift in mood, which quickens the heart rate of every viewer in the room, surprises and kicks off the entire adventure. Pieces Of Her-twoleftsticks(3)

Many hilarious and outrageous events arise as Andy goes on the hunt for the murders while dressed in traditional clothing. However, when it takes a step back from the action and focuses on the psychological shivers caused by the events themselves, this series is at its most powerful.

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Story: Pieces Of Her

The events in Laura’s past provide one of the story’s most essential and emotional moments. A subplot set in the 1970s primarily focused on Jessica Barden’s performance as the younger version of Laura (Jane Kepler).

The actress shines in the role of a piano prodigy who is vulnerable but defiant and who falls hopelessly in love with a revolutionary. The story has a compelling and intricate premise, which all centers on the lady that Laura will develop into. Un fortuitously, the portion of the series that is the most engaging also happens to be its weakest point. The first season of Pieces of Her is not a bust but rather an enthralling drama with stunning performances and honest emotions.

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Q: Is Pieces of Her based on a real story?  

A: It is based on a book by Karin Slaughter, published in 2018.

Q: Is there a season 2 in the making?  

A: There is no confirmation for a season 2 yet, but they might do so in the future.

 Q: Where was the series filmed?  

A: The show was extensively shot in NSW Central Coast.

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