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Party Games For Adults

These Party Games for Adults will keep your guests joyful, laughing, and entertaining to the end. It will be a great party that your guests won’t forget. An excellent mix of classic and unique party games is just for the adults. Some of them include drinks, and some of them are a little naughty, and all of them can be changed depending on the number of guests expected for your party.

Select a few of the party games for adults for your office party, next dinner party, or housewarming party. There are some great icebreakers for guests who don’t know each other and some other perfect games for lifelong friends.

1) Great Minds think alike

Great minds think alike

It’s a game where you have to select what you think everyone else will try to choose; the more people who get the exact answer, the more points they will bring. The free printable game has ten various questions coming on it, but you certainly could make your questions, to make them themed towards the holiday, season, occasion, or group of people.

2) Games of Murder Mystery

Games of Murder Mystery

These games are not for Halloween; they can be taken at the next time of the year; a sole murder mystery game is all you need to have relief with your friends. There are countless free mysteries to choose from; each contains charter descriptions, scripts, clues, and more.

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3) Who am I?

Who am I - Party Games For Adults

Who am i is an interesting game where you can draw or act the great person on a paper slip. Can your teammates guess who you declare to be?

There are many extra variations of this game; one of my favorites is using sticky notes and placing the name on the guest’s backs. It makes for a simple and fun icebreaker.

4) The not so Newlywed game

The not so Newlywed game

This game is ideal for entertaining your friends at your next couples event. It can also be played at engagement parties and wedding showers. 150 + questions take you through engagement, dating, weddings, family and friends’ best and worst, preferences, finances, making love, fun facts, and marriage. There is even a category just for the stupid questions.

5) Never have I ever

Never have I ever - Party Games For Adults

This game is on the top list of party games for adults with 400+ questions; there are some crisp ideas that your guests won’t expect. Besides the vast number of questions, drink game variations, non-alcoholic variations, and penalty variations.

6) Never have you Ever?

You can find many things about your guests with this party game; never have I ever? Which is a broken version of never have I ever. There are three versions available: the party, the naughty, and the amusing version; you can even play the game online by collecting I have or never to set a set of questions.

7) Truth or Dare

Truth or dare - Party Games For Adults

It is an easy game that everyone knows how to play. It’s simple to dive into, and your guests will try to decide how wild or tame the game will be. If you are going to look for ideas, this is a massive dare list that involves everything from licking the floor to barking like a dare for a dog. There is also a list of questions you can ask if the player only selects the truth on the final list.

8) Spoons

It is a card game that’s great for any age or group. It is fast and fun but still a card game everyone can play. If you have a deck of cards and spoons, this game can be played with a class 3-13, but for a big party, you can have multiple games at once.

9) Pictionary

You don’t need to get the Pictionary game to play for your next party. You can try to make your cards and set a big drawing area that will be a hit with your guests. There are five types of Pictionary: family, traditional, education, themed, partner, and a word list.

10) Crazy kiss marry kill

Crazy kiss marry kill - Party Games For Adults

This game, kiss marry kill, is a less personal touch than the original game because you use fictional celebrities or characters for your choices. There are tons of ideas here as well as tips.

11) The sticker stalker game

Grown-up people like stickers, and in the game sticker stalker, you have to dare your guests for many of their stickers on another guest; you can charge a color or type of sticker for each guest or use the labels with that particular person’s name on them.

12) Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie - Party Games For Adults

It can be a good game for all ages, and it makes for a relaxing Icebreaker for a class that may not know each other very well. There are many examples of lies and truths about sports, achievements, food, childhood, family, etc. You will find more strategies for the game here that will give you the upper hand.

13) Conversion Cards

Conversion Cards - Party Games For Adults

If you are looking for a low-key icebreaker for your party, these conversation cards from great ideas will help you. Four pages here are packed with conversation starters that you can print out, cut up and place in a basket or jar.

14) Bite the Bag

Bite the Bag - Party Games For Adults

It is an easy-drinking game with your guests trying to select a paper bag with their mouths. When guests fail, they will try to take a drink; the game will easily get funny as the night goes on.

15) Press Conference

It’s a unique party game for adults that can be fun with any size of party guests. Somebody holds a press conference and answers questions from the other guests; the catch is that the person having the discussion does not know who they are supposed to be, but the rest who are left of their guests do.

Party Games For Adults – FAQs

What is a fun group activity?

Two truths and one lie game group activity.

What games can adults play at a party?

Charades is a classic adult party game, and there is no need to purchase anything to join in the fun. Form teams and allow the first player to develop a song, movie, celebrity, or another topic.

What is an excellent game to play with a large group?

Rock, paper, scissors, helium stick, doodling together, bang! Marshmallow challenge and more.

What do you do at house parties for fun?

I played a board game, watched a movie, played darts, football, table tennis, and pool.

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