The most popular Kids' favorite cartoon characters

The Most Popular Cartoon Characters of 2023

Cartoon Characters are all-time kids’ favorites, and some famous superhero characters become their role models.

What are the factors that contribute to cartoon characters’ appeal? Many television programs on animals have been relatively brief. But cartoon characters are recognized as the best because of their length and number of episodes. The popularity of cartoon figures such as Tom & Jerry can be attributed to several factors, including the idea of friendship itself, the apparent consequences of the cat and mouse’s mistreatment, and the solutions the characters can devise to their issues.

Cartoon characters have undergone a significant shift. The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, and SpongeBob SquarePants all produce new episodes yearly, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. Conventional link networks have created unique and exciting vivified characters and settings, while streaming services have allowed considerably more makers to deliver the energized content they want.

Let’s talk about a few well-known cartoon characters that are still trending & loved by everyone.

Top 9 Most Popular Cartoon Characters List for 2023

1. Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown cartton

Charlie Brown is the leading figure of the cartoon Peanuts. The prominent appearance of the cartoon character occurred on 30th May 1948, and Charles M. Schulz made it. The person Charlie Earthy colored’s orientation is male, and the voice for this character is given by different people, for example, Peter Robbins, Sean Colling, Liam Martin, Erin Pursue, and others.

2. Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson is a fictitious character from the cartoon Simpson and was created and designed by Matt Groening. Its most memorable first appearance occurred in 1987. The Simpsons is a famous American vivified sitcom animation. This cartoon was made for the Fox Telecom Organization and is about the Simpsons family. The family member comprises Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa, and Maggie.

3. Garfield

Jim Davis is the creator of the American funny comic cartoon character Garfield, which debuted on June 19, 1978, after first appearing in print in 1976. This cartoon’s primary genre is humor, and it is routinely updated. This animated figure holds the Guinness World Record and has also been printed in newspapers and publications.

4. Captain Underpants

One of the most well-known cartoon characters is Captain Underpants. He is renowned for his blue eyes, crimson cape, and orange skin. Additionally, he has a reputation for causing some trouble. However, that is what makes him so endearing. What other animated character has been the subject of a big-budget film? Furthermore, there are more than 12 books about this bad character who ultimately proves to be quite good.

5. Peppa Pig

A British animation program called Peppa Pig debuted on television in 2004. Peppa and her family, consisting of her parents, her younger brother George, and her grandparents, live their daily lives on the program. Pig Peppa enjoys playing with her buddies, going on adventures, and chowing down in muddy puddles. Despite being one of the less attractive cartoon characters, Peppa has become incredibly well-liked by small children worldwide. She will still be among the top 5 mostly liked cartoon characters in 2023.

6. Adventure Time

Pendleton Ward created the American animated TV program Adventure Time for Cartoon Network. A human kid named Finn and his best friend and adopted brother Jake, a dog with magical abilities to change shape and size at will, are the stars of the show. Adventure Time has been a critical and financial success since its premiere in 2010. Eight Primetime Emmy Awards, six Annie Awards, and two BAFTA Children’s Awards have all been nominated for this show.

7. Dr. Two Brains

A nasty cartoon character named Dr. Two Brains made his television debut in 2022. Dr. Two Brains is a bright scientist who creates incredible things despite his unsightly exterior. He has a slogan that is both funny and relatable: “I’m a genius,” but anyone doesn’t know this because  “I’m so ugly!” Dr. Two Brains’ catastrophic love life is also well-known, providing comic relief. Dr. Two Brains is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing and engaging characters, although he may not be the most attractive one.

8. Star vs. The Forces of Evil

The ferocious Star Butterfly is unstoppable. She isn’t frightened to use her magical wand because she has one. Additionally, she has a great talking lizard companion. She’s going to be huge in 2022. More extensive than Finn from Adventure Time or Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls. Additionally, she currently has a live-action show on Disney Channel. She seemed to be ready to become a celebrity!

9. Johnny Bravo

The well-known animation features a blond-haired hunk, Johnny Bravo, who comes off as annoyingly selfish as the main character. Despite his good appearance, his concern for himself prevents him from attracting the girls he wants.

Jeff Bennett performs the voice of Johnny Bravo (real name Jonathan Bravo). He is mainly a comedic character, and the events he goes through become an ongoing joke in the show.

There were four seasons of the show, which aired from 1997 to 2004. Johnny Bravo describes himself as a lady magnet. He believes that a woman only needs to see him once to be impressed. But in most cases, that is not the case.

Top 10 All-Time Famous Cartoons Characters

1. Mickey Mouse

In 1927, Walt Disney launched his first batch of entirely animated movies, which starred the character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Disney changed Oswald’s appearance and developed a new character, who eventually became Mickey Mouse after his distributor stole the rights to the character. The mouse Walt Disney created in 1928 was known by the moniker Mickey Mouse.

The cartoon character brings back memories of their youth for both kids and adults. Mickey is well known for his pleasant disposition and stubborn demeanor, and he was seen with his fiancée Minnie Mouse, their dog Pluto, and Donald Duck and Goofy. People who respect Mickey follow his lead in being dependable, considerate, and truthful with friends and family.

2. Scooby-Doo

Scooby-Doo, a well-known animated character, was created in 1969 and is associated with the American animation studio Hanna-Barbera. The persona is known for making people smile with his flamboyant attitude and wanting to solve paranormal mysteries. Scooby-Doo is a born detective who has made others wish they could solve crimes more swiftly. Scooby is now so well-known due to its distinctive function that adults in their mid-30s continue to watch it with their children.

3. Tom & Jerry

  • Created in 1941
  • Voiced by William Hanna and others

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera are the authors of the Tom & Jerry cartoon series. With the invention of talkies, the silent film largely disappeared, although Tom and Jerry by Hanna and Barbera captured children’s attention for centuries without using words. The 114 shorts date between 1940 and 1958, yet they were made in the late 1970s when I was a child, just as they will seem to my children when they watch the 2014 remake of the beloved cat-and-mouse antics.

The most fearsome and well-known cartoon creatures, Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse, don’t require an introduction.

The ludicrous conflicts between Tom and Jerry and the constant chasing in the Tom and Jerry cartoon series made audiences giggle. Jerry tended to make people laugh, which greatly upset Tom, so he had plans to cook him up. However, Tom & Jerry’s underlying message to the audience was that, despite their ludicrous arguments, Tom would always stand up for Jerry and disparage him in jest if he was in danger. Therefore, the lesson was to spread love, even if you are unhappy with someone.

4. Donald Duck

In 1934, Walt Disney introduced Donald Duck as a cartoon character. Donald Duck has legs and paws that are yellow. Donald Duck puts on the perfect gentlemanly display by donning a cap and a traditional sailor shirt. This animated character made his film debut in 1934’s The Wise Little Hen, and thanks to his taste in clothing and issues with wrath, he immediately gained popularity. Donald Duck’s strict tactics inspired others to be challenging but also compassionate and calm.

5. Bugs Bunny

  • Created in 1940
  • Creators: Tex Avery and Ben Hardaway
  • Voices: Jeff Bergman, Mel Blanc, & others

Bugs Bunny, created by Leon Schlesinger in the 1930s, is one of the most significant and well-known cartoon characters ever created. Bugs Bunny is a popular animated figure from the Merrie Melodie and Looney Tunes enlivened series. Bugs had a reputation for being arrogant and flippant since he was always happy and also went by the name Happy Rabbit. The world was encouraged to find joy in every situation by Bugs Bunny.

6. SpongeBob SquarePants

  • Designed in 1999
  • Stephen Hillenburg is the author.
  • Persona: Tom Kenny

In 1999, SpongeBob SquarePants debuted on television on Nickelodeon.

Although the nautical nonsense of the titular sponge may not be what many parents of young children wanted, Tom Kenny’s trademark chuckle has become ingrained in viewers’ brains worldwide after two decades on television.

SpongeBob, who had the most popular character then, became the next big thing due to the program’s success. This animated character’s interactions with his aquatic life were well-known, and his optimistic attitude on life encouraged everyone never to lose hope.

7. Daffy Duck

The well-known cartoon character Daffy Duck was created by Warner Bros. in the late 1930s. The animation is similar to Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies’ animations. The animated character became famous for his distinctive “Woo-hoo!” yelling while swaying in the water. Daffy Duck has a particular method of plunging into the sea that always makes people laugh aloud. This character had a pretty amusing and clear message.

8. Winnie-the-Pooh

Pooh was a cartoon character in A.A. Milne’s House at Pooh Corner in 1928. Pooh, a yellow-furred bear, held on to a propensity for honey and lived in a forest encompassing 100 acres of land of different trees. Along with other animals, he lived with a donkey, a pig, a bunny, and birds. Winnie was always an adventurer who supported his friends in all circumstances. The audience appreciated how Winnie used to behave and explore the forest with his friends.

9. Snoopy

In 1950, Charles M. Schulz created Snoopy as a comic strip. Snoopy was the most recognizable and iconic Cartoon character and became well-known for it. Snoopy had a reputation for sleeping because he frequently did it during the day and constantly looked for ways to simplify things. It was clear that the message it was trying to get through to the people was to relax because everything in life eventually passed.

10. Blossom, Buttercup, &Bubbles( The Powerpuff Girls)

  • Created in 1998
  • Writer: Craig McCracken

Tara Strong, E. G. Daily, Cathay Cavadini, and others gave the voices to this cartoon character. The humorous and feisty Powerpuff Girls, the perfect embodiment of “you can be pretty and still kick ass,” debuted on the 90s cartoon scene and prepared to motivate and enthrall a generation. The key lesson was that cooperation makes for more vigorous play, no matter which person you associate with the most.

Top 5 trending Animated Cartoon Movies Coming in 2023

The Amazing Maurice

  • Filmmaker: Toby Genkel
  • Co-Director: Florian Westermann
  • Availability: February 3, 2023
  • Distributor in the US: Viva Kids

Sky Cinema, Ulysses Filmproduktion, Cantilever Media,  Studio Rakete, and Red Star 3D are among the production companies. Terry Rossio, the author of Aladdin and Shrek, adapts Terry Pratchett’s The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents into a computer-animated feature film, which Studio Rakete produces in Germany, Hamburg, and Red Star Animation in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

The story centers on a streetwise ginger cat, Maurice, who concocts a plot to get money by befriending a group of self-taught talking rats. The comic-fantasy Discworld book series offers a distinctive offering for young readers.

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget

  • Sam Fell- Director
  • Production company: Aardman Animations
  • U.S.: Netflix as the distributor
  • Date of Release: 2023

A group of hens attempts to infiltrate a fortress in this stop-motion sequel to the year 2000’s Chicken Run. The original actors, Ginger and Rocky, are now joined by their daughter Molly. Although not without controversy, original voice performers Julia Sawalha and Mel Gibson are replaced by Thandiwe Newton and Zachary Levi.


  • Director: Peter Sohn
  • production company: Pixar
  • country’s distributor: Walt Disney Studios
  • Date of Release: June 16, 2023

In Elemental City, where people of fire, water, land, and air coexist, Pixar’s 27th movie takes place. Ember, a fierce, witty, and fiery young woman, is introduced in the novel. Her friendship with Wade, a fun, sentimental, go-with-the-flow person, challenges her assumptions about the world they live in. Sohn’s upbringing informs the movie’s story in the Bronx as the son of two immigrants.

Baby Shark’s Big Movie!

  • Director: Alan Foreman
  • Distributor: U.S.: Paramount
  • Release Date: December 20, 2023

The Pinkfong Company and Nickelodeon Animation are the production companies of this movie. In this film, Baby Shark, will make its big-screen debut next year. It follows the protagonist and his family as they relocate to Chomp City, the major shark city. Baby Shark has previously appeared in a viral earworm, an Emmy-nominated television series, and a feature film.

Ernest & Celestine 2: A Trip to Gibberitia

Directors: Jean-Christophe Roger & Julien Chheng

  • Directors: Jean-Christophe Roger & Julien Chheng
  • Distributor: U.S.: N/A
  • Date of Release: 2023 (December 14, 2022, in France)

Folivari, France 3 Cinema, and Les Armateurs are the production companies of the movie.

After ten years, the stars of the Oscar-nominated film Ernest & Celestine are returning to Ernest’s native Gibberitia to repair the broken violin. The best artists in the world reside in this special location, and the music energizes the atmosphere. The heroes learn upon their arrival, nevertheless, that all music has been prohibited there for a very long time.

The two are joined by their pals and a mystery-masked outlaw to bring harmony and joy to the kingdom of bears since they cannot envision living without the art form. This film will undoubtedly be one of the top five popular cartoon character-based movies in 2023.

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