Mac DeMarco releases his new album 'Five Easy Hotdogs' today

Mac DeMarco releases his new album ‘Five Easy Hotdogs’ today

Mac DeMarco, the famous Canadian singer, announced his brand new album, ‘Five Easy Hotdogs,’ released on January 20, Friday.

As one of the forerunners of reintroducing the slacker sound into contemporary indie music and the acknowledged “good guy” on the 2010s DIY-indie scene, Mac DeMarco needs no introduction.

His songs and lyrics have always been upbeat, encouraging listeners to find the humor even in the most trying circumstances. Since the release of his sophomore album 2, he has developed a pattern of releasing follow-up albums comprising samples and instrumental versions of songs from the original release.

Those were always enjoyable to hear since they provided an intriguing glimpse into how songs developed from initial sketches and varied at various stages. DeMarco issued the album Five Easy Hot Dogs this time, which is instrumental.

This album’s approach by DeMarco does not give the impression that he just neglected to record vocals. There are no well-known pop structures or those that Mac would use on his vocal records on Five Easy Hot Dogs. He employs guitar tones, audio textures, and general arrangements that make his music instantly recognizable, but he does so in a fresh way.

Five Easy Hotdogs by Mac DeMarco
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DeMarco took up Five Easy Hot Dogs as an altogether new undertaking. Every track on the album is named after a town or city because as he traveled north from Los Angeles, he stopped at numerous locations and recorded in the majority of them.

In classic do-it-yourself style, Mac carried a portable recording setup as a studio on wheels. When the more recognizable DeMarco style appears on some songs, such as “Edmonton” and “Rockaway,” it is clear that the artist has a stronger connection to those locales.

The latter song references the New York neighborhood where he used to live; he didn’t go there on this trip but remembered his time there.

DeMarco didn’t record every place he visited on his tour when the city names that appear on the Five Easy Hot Dogs track list are traced on a map. However, the music makes it clear that he followed his instinct and recorded and composed whenever inspiration struck. It is unpolished and imperfectly organized; it is raw and sincere.

Mac DeMarco is revitalizing his style by opting for a purely instrumental album. It feels more like a deliberate attempt to try something fresh than lazy.

The lack of singers and lyrics helps make Five Easy Hot Dogs a highly appealing album that seduces with its lightheartedness and apparent weightlessness.

It enables the listener to assign their meaning to these 14 tunes and to visualize DeMarco’s journey as he drove from town to town.

Tracklists of the album Five Easy Hotdogs by Mac DeMarco

  • Gualala
  • Gualala 2
  • Crescent City
  • Portland
  • Portland 2
  • Victoria
  • Vancouver
  • Vancouver 2
  • Vancouver 3
  • Edmonton
  • Edmonton 2
  • Chicago
  • Chicago 2
  • Rockaway

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